Alberto El Patron Says His GFW Suspension Will End ‘Pretty Soon’


Global Force Wrestling’s Alberto El Parton, formerly Alberto Del Rio in WWE, recently did an interview with Busted Open, where he was asked about his suspension from GFW. His response? He said that it’s ending “pretty soon.”

“GFW, Impact Wrestling, we are trying to do things different than the way we normally do things in the pro wrestling business. And I totally agree with this situation because rules have to apply the same to everyone. That was a big deal to me with Combate Americas… I was always saying that we should fine or suspend some of the fighters who were not ready for the fights or they were not making weight. Discipline is what brings stability in a company. So, I totally agree. It doesn’t matter if I’m innocent, or now everything is clear and everybody knows that it was just internet BS, the company needed to conduct their own investigation and be completely sure that everything was a lie. I understand that part and because I believe that rules have to apply to everyone, I was okay with the suspension. Now everything is clear, and everything is clear also with the company, so I’m going to be going to work pretty soon… To be honest, I don’t know when this is going to happen because I was in Mexico doing some pro wrestling shows, but I’ll be in touch with the important people in the company and I’ll be telling all the fans or all the wrestling community when I’m going be going back, but that’s going to happen pretty soon.”