Aleister Black Discusses Theatrics In His Entrance & Who His Lift Was Originally For


Aleister Black certainly has one of the more interesting entrances in WWE, and he recently spoke about the theatrics of it and how he loves that style.

Aleister Black recently appeared on the Table Talk podcast with D-Von Dudley, and he discussed the theatrical element of wrestling, linking it to the rock and roll world.

“Yes, I love theatrics; I think theatrics in wrestling go hand and hand. I love to create a dramatic presence, and I think, for instance, Alice Cooper was a king of that. His whole stature, his presentation and all of it, it was a lot of theatrics. If you look at bands like Iron Maiden, if you look at bands like Cradle of Filth, they have such a presence. It’s like theatrics, and I wanted that with the Aleister Black character,” revealed Black.

“There are people that are generally convinced that I embody evil in a certain way, and that I am not a good person as a human being because of small things that I did. Little symbols that I put on my gear, certain sentences that I would say during my promos or interviews, and all of that, because I wanted the audience to perceive me in a certain way for it to go hand and hand with the character, and so that theatrics comes into play. My whole presentation, I want you to have an experience.”

Black also spoke about the lift he incorporates into this entrances, and he revealed that it was initially planned to be used by The Undertaker.

“I wanted my entrance to be experienced. I wanted people to immediately, when you hear that first note of my music — ‘Oh, here we go. This is the dude.’ I wanted to create something. And luckily, when we did, Hunter was so on board that him and me started bouncing off ideas. And then he texted me one morning with this idea for this lift that actually was supposed to go to The Undertaker initially,” revealed Black. “But they couldn’t use it for Undertaker, so they asked if I wanted to use it, and I kind of felt that this is the finishing part that this character needs, is to have this entrance this way. And funny enough, a lot of people always think that, ‘Oh, he’s a vampire.’ I’m not a vampire. There’s nothing vampiric about my entrance. It’s more of Aleister Black materializes from nothing and he rises up from that.” (H/T to for the transcriptions.)

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