Alex Riley Comments On Cody Rhodes’ WWE Departure


– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross spoke with former WWE Superstar Alex Riley on the Ross Report about a wide variety of topics check out the highlight below:

On Cody Rhodes’ WWE departure”

“First of all, I think he’s a tremendous person and I only say that because it’s the truth. I’d never say that if I didn’t believe it. He loved what he did and when I see that and when I keep up on his story, and [Ross] bring it up. To me, he’s a guy that, he just wanted to perform the way he wanted to. As a wrestler, as a creative artist, whatever you want to call it, singer, actor, it’s really all the same. You have to have a love for what you’re doing. A true love, not a ‘okay, well, I’m going to show up here and they’re going to pay me this, so I’m going to say that and because I’m here 12 hours a day, it means I love it.’ That doesn’t mean you really love it. What Cody did means he really loves it. He was tired. It wasn’t a matter of where he was [on the card]or exposure he had or what opportunity he may or may not get. He believed in something and it wasn’t what they thought he was and he made a choice to go out on his own. And, honestly, I don’t think you can get any more courageous than that. And people say that, ‘oh, he’s so [fortunate].’ And he is. He’s a very fortunate man and he certainly works for it to have been given the opportunity that he did to be allowed the opportunity to make the money that he has made; however, to leave the money that he has made to go out on his own, a lot of people would not make that choice.”