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Alexa Bliss Discusses Her Concussions, Her Recent Trip To Saudi Arabia, More



alexa bliss

Alexa Bliss recently spoke with TV Insider where she went into detail about her recent concussions as well as her trip to Saudi Arabia.

On her recent concussions:

“At first I was very nervous, coming back to the ring because I didn’t know exactly what was going on in my head,” Bliss admitted. “I knew I had a concussion, but I didn’t really research concussions. Then I was sent to a concussion specialist in Pittsburgh who pretty much schooled me on pretty much everything on concussions.

“It made me feel a lot better about the whole situation. It made me feel I was in charge of my injury. It made me feel like I understood it. I’m definitely not nervous at all being in the ring. I was at first, but now that I’m educated on the topic and know the steps to take to make sure it doesn’t happen again. With the brain exercises that I do and eye exercises, I feel like I’m more prepared than ever now.”

Her trip to Saudi Arabia:

“I didn’t really know what to expect in Saudi Arabia,” Bliss said. “I knew it wasn’t going to be like Abu Dhabi. It’s very interesting to see how everything is over there. We had fun. When Nattie and I got to interact with kids in the hospital, they knew who we were. They know the product. The show itself was awesome. It was actually a really good experience.

“Every woman Natalya and I spoke to were super welcoming and asking us how we liked Jeddah. They said whatever they could do to make our stay better to let them know. Women there were just so excited to meet us. We had so many come up to us thanking us for coming and how they really hope to see a match. I think it’s definitely within reach. Everyone seems to be on board with us having match there.”

Working with Nikki Cross:

“I love working with characters who are new and haven’t been in the title picture,” Bliss said. “We are just having fun with it. That’s the best part of it. Everything we are doing, interacting, is just us. I think us having reads nice on camera with our natural chemistry. We’ve been traveling together. It’s always fun when you get along with the person you work with. That can help. We haven’t seen her too much on WWE TV, so if this helps build her character while having fun at the same time, it’s a good situation to be in.”

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Drew McIntyre Assures Fans He Will Be At WWE Royal Rumble



Drew McIntyre

Despite being tested positive for Coronavirus this week, Drew McIntyre has assured fans he will be part of WWE’s Royal Rumble.

The WWE Champion is currently scheduled to go one on one with Goldberg at the event on January 31. Obviously, his positive test has thrown that into doubt, however, the Scotsman has assured fans that he will be appearing and the match will happen.

Drew was a part of CES 2021 and he gave an update on his health as well as discussing the upcoming PPV.

“Like I mentioned on Monday, I’m one of the fortunate ones that aren’t experiencing any symptoms, but I just wanted to reinforce, WWE wanted to reinforce to everyone how important it is to continue to listen to all the health guidelines, to wear your mask, practice social distancing and thankfully we are so strict in regards to our testing that the test found out that I was — that I tested positive and that we couldn’t risk having me in the building around our employees, affect their health and perhaps affect one of their family members’ health that’s more of the high-risk category. But, thankfully I’m feeling good right now.

Absolutely none [questions if he’ll be at the Royal Rumble]. I will be there. I’m following the doctor’s protocol, I will be there. I’m gonna face Bill Goldberg, somebody I watched as a kid. Very exciting for me.” (h/t to for the transcriptions)

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Chavo Guerrero Reveals Why He Hasn’t Returned To WWE



chavo guerrero

Chavo Guerrero has an incredible career with WWE, but he hasn’t been back to the company since 2011, and he has explained why.

Guerrero recently spoke with Rick Bassman’s ‘Talking Tough’ show, where he discussed the possibility of having a producer role behind the scenes.

Guerrero revealed that he hasn’t been asked, plus right now he is too busy to be able to give up anything for that role right now. However, Chavo admitted he was open to the idea if he can make money, as he also spoke about the lessons he learned from Vince McMahon.

“Well, few things. First of all, they haven’t asked. Second of all, I would have to give up too much to sit there and go back to WWE full-time. WWE takes — you have to give up what you’re doing in your life to do that and I have so many other things going on with Hollywood and my own ventures, my own cigar company, my own beer company, my podcast so it’s hard. I think it’d be hard for me to give up everything like that, so with me, I just, I don’t know man. Sometimes you just don’t have the best relationship with them sometimes, and also, I quit there. I left there and sometimes they don’t like when you leave there but that being set aside, it’s all about making money. If we can make money and Vince [McMahon] thinks like, ‘Hey Chavo, let’s bring you back in,’ make him money, make me money then it works out. If it doesn’t then it doesn’t. There’s no hard feelings. It is what it is. Everything that I’m doing now is really because of what I learned from Vince McMahon, so that’s the truth. You know, with TV production and camera work and directing and just everything like that is really learned from Vince. Now I’ve taken it and run with it a little bit but, really the basis all came from Vince.” (H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions)

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AJ Styles Reveals How He Created The Styles Clash Finishing Move



AJ Styles

AJ Styles’ Styles Clash is one of the greatest finishing moves of all time, and the WWE Superstar revealed how he created it.

AJ has always been an incredibly gifted wrestler who has a wide variety of moves, from the Springboard 450 Splash to the Phenomenal Forearm, to his excellent Calf Crusher submission.

However, out of all the moves, it is the Styles Clash that has become the most iconic, and when speaking with ITN Wrestling, the Phenomenal One revealed how he created that move.

“Well, my little brother was trying to powerbomb his buddy on the trampoline,” Styles said. “He’s dangling upside down. They’re talking to each other, And I go, oh and I walked over there and my little brother took the first-ever styles splash on a trampoline.”


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