Alexa Bliss On Being Dominant Over Nia Jax, Aiden English Reacts To Corbin’s Singing, Mojo Sends Message to Jose


Last night on WWE Raw, Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss attacked her challenged Nia Jax with a kendo stick and she has bragged about it on Twitter.

Bliss posted an image of her stood tall over Jax with the kendo stick in hand, noting how five feet looks tall when you are down on the ground as she builds up the hype for their match this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Aiden English Reacts To Corbin’s Singing

SmackDown Live Superstar, Aiden English reacted to Baron Corbin’s singing on Monday Night Raw last night, simply putting “Aww.”

Mojo Rawley Sends No Way Jose A Message

Below is a video of an interview that Mojo Rawley conducted with WWE last night as he sends a message to his rival, No Way Jose.