Alexa Bliss Reportedly Still Not Cleared To Return To The Ring


Despite claims from WWE Hall Of Famer, Mark Henry, that Alexa Bliss has been cleared for action, a new report has stated that isn’t the case.

The Worlds Strongest Man had stated on Busted Open Radio that Bliss was now available to wrestle, and revealed a conversation the two of them had about her symptoms, stating:

“We sat and talked for about 15-20 minutes,” Henry recalled, “And she was like, ‘Yeah, I was really bad off. I couldn’t remember where I was, I couldn’t remember what I was doing in the city.’ We were flying from London to Switzerland and she said, ‘I couldn’t remember what flight or anything. I had to rely one everyone else telling me what to do. I couldn’t stand up straight, I had vertigo.’ She said she was in a bad way, and then she came back too soon, banged her head again, and really was in a bad place.”

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