Alexa Bliss On Wanting To Be Part Of Women’s Ladder Match


– WWE RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss was recently a guest on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, check out the highlight below:

On the first-ever women’s ladder match:

“I was really excited for the women of SmackDown because RAW has always been deemed the flagship show and there were times when I was on SmackDown when we didn’t feel like we were getting the same opportunities as the women on RAW, the Hell In A Cell match, but then we started to get opportunities. Becky and I had a steel cage match and a tables match, so we were getting opportunities as well. And the fact that they get to have the first ever women’s Money In The Bank ladder match, I was super excited for them. Obviously, I would love to be a part of that, but I feel like I have moved to a different brand and I have other things to accomplish on RAW. I was super excited for them. Part of me was like, ‘oh man, I wish I could be part of that’ because that group of girls is so amazing to work with and it would have been so, so good to be able to have that moment with them, but I’m doing other things.”

“I was happy for Carmella. I actually called it, okay? I said… I did a thing on, I said, ‘Carmella is going to win it because if she’s in trouble James is always there to help her,’ so I kind of expected it to happen. In my mind, I kind of wanted to be right about it to be that person that’s like, ‘I told you guys!’ But I was shocked that it actually did happen because I thought it was so farfetched that wasn’t going to happen. Then, it did, and I was like, ‘oh, man…’ Well, I was very happy for Carmella, super excited for her and I love her character, who she is, but I was very disappointed that the first ever women’s Money In The Bank ladder match, the briefcase was taken down by a man. No offense to James, but this was supposed to be a moment where our women get to have this moment and the fact that a man had to climb up and take it down for her is what was really kind of disappointing.”

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