ALL IN Results (9/1): Omega vs Pentagon, Cody Fights for Ten Pounds of Gold, Stephen Amell, Young Bucks & More


ALL IN Results
September 1st, 2018
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for 

ALL IN Zero-Hour


After kicking off the show with the Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes, a surprise appearance from Road Warrior Animal popped the crowd as he entered on a motorcycle which led to the Young Bucks firing merchandise to fans from a gun.

The first official match of the show saw SoCal Uncensored members, Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian taking on the Briscoe Brothers.

Winners: SCU!

Over The Budget Battle Royal 

Ring Of Honor star, Dalton Castle joins the announcer’s table to a huge pop prior to this match with legends such as Hurricane Helms, Tommy Dreamer, and Bully Ray all taking part in the match. The first man eliminated was IMPACT Wrestling’s, Moose! Attitude Era star, Billy Gunn also gets eliminated as Brian Cage press slams him out of this one!

As plenty of brawling took place, Tommy Dreamer went to get weapons which received major ECW chants, though a trash can to the head from friend Bully Ray would see him eliminated as well. Bully managed to gain tons of heat on him for eliminating Mark and Jordan.

In the end, it came down to Bully Ray and Colt Cabana with Ray eliminating Cabana and seemingly winning… That was until Chico re-entered to eliminate Ray, only, it wasn’t Chico… it was FLIP GORDON! After Bully started the match putting Chico through a table, Flip is booked on ALL IN and will get an ROH Championship match against Jay Lethal on the main card.

Winner (and number one contender for the ROH Championship): Flip Gordon


We have the first official match of the ALL IN card as the upstart, MJF takes on the more experienced Matt Cross to kickstart the show which is in front of a hugely hot crowd. MJF starts the match with his usual cocky attitude and asks the crowd to give Cross a round of applause.

MJF then asks for a handshake and, of course, he takes advantage of that with a cheap shot to the stomach before attempting to dive over the ring but stopping himself, telling the crowd he doesn’t have to flip to get over. Cross does use his own highflying agility though after sending MJF to the outside by flipping over the rope to take out his opponent.

MJF then gets Cross by pulling at the trunks before hitting a Gutwrench Powerbomb, but it only gains him a two count. Both men then climb to the top rope but Cross gets the best of it with a hurricanrana. Cross picks up the pace with a backspring elbow but he only gains a two count as well and is now working on only one arm after the work by MJF.

MJF immediately takes the attack back to the arm with a package shoulder breaker and he follows up by pushing the head of Cross which lights a fire underneath him and the two begin trading blows. MJF then catches Cross’ arm and locks in a submission but the more experienced wrestler escapes, only to receive a pendulum style piledriver but Cross somehow kicks out!

MJF then misses with the Moonsault though and Cross hits a huge springboard cutter before scaling to the ropes and hitting a Shooting Star Press to pick up the opening win.

Winner: Matt Cross

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