Ambrose Sets Title Record + Rollins Hypes Extreme Rules

— Dean Ambrose is now the longest-reigning WWE United States champion since WWE brought the belt back in 2003. He has held the title for 344 days, the longest since previous record-holder MVP.

— Seth Rollins posted a message on Twitter, hyping his Extreme Rules PPV match with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns against Evolution. He wrote:

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  • Meko

    And MVP defended that title more in 1 month than Ambrose has in his entire reign (yes, I am well aware of house show “defenses”, I am talking TV, where it actually matters).

    • Jeff Rittenour

      I’m sure this is just to wipe out MVP’s record…

      • allan

        ya….. they kept ambrose champ this whole time so he could beat a record set like 6 years ago…ya im sure that was all they thought about lol

    • allan

      why is that where it matter. its all fake house shows or not hes still defending it and actually mvp didnt defend the us title at every ppv not to mention he wasnt involved in heavy storylines outside the title like ambrose

      • Meko

        House shows dont count because it isn’t a legitimate defense. I’ve watched wrestling for over 30 years and can count on my hands the number of times a title has actually, permanently changed hands at a house show (Dusty finishes and the gimmicky hardcore title exempted of course).

        MVP was involved with storylines outside of the title, his entire tag run with Matt Hardy for example. The shield is a good storyline, but they could shoot him a defense on smackdown against a Kofi or a Damian or something. As it stands now, the US title is totally irrelevant.