Analyzing The Impact of Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

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It’s fair to say WWE has had their post-mania lull this year. After Wrestlemania, Raw was a show which had no meaning or purpose. So who would have thought that after Money in the Bank, WWE’s flagship show would be, dare I say, fun? And who could have predicted Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre being the stars to turn the show around?

Dolph Ziggler has had a long career in WWE, but it’s been up and down to say the very least. When his contract expired at the end of last year, it looked like he might finally take his career elsewhere. However, he chose to stay, a decision many questioned.

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Drew McIntyre is a man who has superstar written all over him. He’s big, muscular, he can wrestle, and after years of work outside of WWE, he has developed a rugged and tough persona. Now on the main roster, he has been paired with Dolph Ziggler.

So how did this unlikely duo bring back the spark to the company’s number one show?

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