Angle Praises RAW Match, Ryback Takes Shot at Punk?, Note on Punk Chants

– There was a small group of fans on Twitter last night claiming they were thrown out of RAW for chanting CM Punk but they appear to be just troll accounts. Many readers in attendance noted that while there were Punk chants all night, no fans were thrown out for it.

– For those who missed it in Backstage Fallout from last night’s RAW, Ryback may have taken a shot at CM Punk. After running down Sheamus, Ryback said:

“I am the hardest working man in the WWE. I wasn’t taking some vacation, I didn’t quit. I’m here day in and day out.”

– Kurt Angle tweeted the following during last night’s RAW main event between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton:

“Wow! @WWEDanielBryan and @RandyOrton had a Classic tonight! Enjoyed It thoroughly. Real Pros.”

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  • Booyah2014

    I know other wrestlers watch other wrestling companies like WWE. But wonder if Angle publically praising the fact he watched WWE is a shot at TNA for what I heard Angle was annoyed with how he was used.

    • allan

      tna and wwe guys watch each others shows

  • allan

    orton wqsnt bad for once but bryan brings that out in people but in ortons case i think he didnt like how much bryan stiffed him so it got him going

  • Fast Eddie

    It was a pretty good match.