Anonymous Letter from a Top WWE Star Tells Internet Fans to Relax

– reports that a top WWE Superstar, who asked to remain anonymous, asked them to print the following letter in this week’s newsletter:

“Internet is so funny. You all read the sites so you all should know the ‘plans’ for Mania. None of those plans have Bryan in a title match so the internet exploding at the end of the show is beyond laughable. Plus dont hate on Rey, he didn’t book himself as #30. The way most of you were acting the company should have called an audible and put Brooklyn Brawler as #30 just to piss you off even more. over 50,000 mania tix sold and a network that will change your life for ever is about to launch, so just relax and enjoy the product the company gives you. By the way, didn’t you all shit on the wwe for the Sept – Nov ppvs last year and said you were done, but turned around to watch/buy the Rumble? Pittsburgh you were an awesome crowd and it was an honor to be in your building last night”

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  • Ernie Marin

    yeah this is probably Triple H or Vince himself, acting like the typical jackass telling us to shut up and take it, 50 k tickets sold simply because 50 k is the best you can get, before 80k was the least you could sell, in a day. This letter just shows how they really don’t care for what we think or say, they see us as tools and nothing more, I would like to see the idiot that made this letter, if he thinks our reaction was laughable then why not say his name, but no he is just a coward hiding behind an empty letter, and the Network will be crap and you know it, if it was so great someone would have bought it, but instead you had to make it an internet only service, the only thing laughable is this sad attempt at making us believe you guys know what you are doing, but the fact that you still think Orton makes for a great main event (any day) shows how little you really know. Oh and btw it’s not just “Mania”, you guys have screwed up every PPV for last year, bringing temp wrestlers to take main event spots, destroying those that actually work hard and earn their spot, Bryan is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • The huntress in the night

    Sounds like Randy Orton to me.

    • Negatist

      Ultimate Asshole Orton, you mean…

  • Sean

    Bryan is over rated and well done to whoever said this

    • Negatwit

      Exactly. Having had The Rock and Stone Cold, if Bryan and his “Yes, yes” chants are where it’s at, it’s high time to move on.

  • Negatwit

    Somewhat childish, evasive letter to fans, they’ve a good point. Pro-wrestling doesn’t even make great Botchamanias nowadays.

  • TamosC

    pipe down you internet fans, you’ll hurt these wrestlers feelings..

  • Fred

    We could pop in any DVD 10 years old and see Cena, Batista, Brock, and Rock. Without making new stars today, do they plan on having these same guys headline Mania 10 years from now? They keep fixating on the publics need for Bryan to get his push. While DB is the clear frontrunner to lead the current product, they fail to realize or mention that the crowd swiftly got behind Roman Reigns when he was the only alternative left to Batista winning. Proving what? That all we want is change. We want new. And the talent that they have is amazing! Bryan, Ziggler, Sandow, AJ, Cesaro, Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose… These guys should be the faces pushing the product today.

  • Shotguhn

    This was probably Kane or Batista. this actually sounds a lot like batista.