Another Name for WWE’s Tryouts, Main Event Viewership, Network Logos


– Designer John Lefteratos, who designed the WWE Network logo, was recently interviewed by The International Object Podcast. You can see a gallery of alternate Network logos from Lefteratos at this link.

– The December 4th episode of WWE Main Event drew a 0.35 rating with 1.319 million viewers.

– According to Raj Giri of, 6 foot 7, 270 pound indie wrestler Gaylon Summers is also at the WWE tryouts in Orlando this weekend. We noted before that Pepper Parks, Ricochet and Bestia 666 are also at the Performance Center tryouts this weekend.

Possible Spoiler on Future CM Punk Plans, Must See Aksana Day Off GIFs


  1. I kind of wish another logo would have been picked. I mean, the logo has effectively been the same since the Attitude Era. I’d like to see another jump like that.


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