Another Top WWE Superstar Leaving WWE


Alberto Del Rio has reportedly been letting it be know that once his contract with WWE is up, he will be leaving the company.

According to PWInsider, Del Rio hasn’t been happy with the direction of his character. He was once a main event player on the SmackDown brand as a World Champion, and now he is being fed to Batista.

While the match between the two hasn’t been officially announced, Batista vs. Del Rio will likely be added to the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event.

Del Rio is 36-years-old and has several years of mileage on him. It’s believed that he’s been very good with his money and shouldn’t be in any financial trouble once he departs from the organization.

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  1. Del Rio will be no big loss to WWE, or the fans. He’s more of an undercard “perro” that should never have made it anywhere near what he has.

    • Completely Agreed. I mean he’s decent in the ring, but without Ricardo Rodriguez he’s an absolute joke. His mic skills are extremely lacking. He isn’t really good as a face or a heel. Only thing that he has going for him as a heel is that ‘ric flair smile’, that smile that you love to hate just because you want to smack it off his face.

      • So why is Batista in the main even at Wrestlemania?? He is a joke on the Mic and Has zero business being anywhere near the top.

        • I never said Batista SHOULD be in the main event first of all. Second of all.. Batista is in the main event for ‘Nostalgia’ purposes. They are using it as a way to try to get some of the older folks who used to watch wrestling back during the late attitude era/ruthless aggression era, feel like they want to buy the WWE Network.

  2. Why let it be known you will be leaving? Surely that means they’ll feed him to anyone and not invest in him while his contract is still ongoing.

  3. I think Alberto del Rio is a great wrestler with lots of talent and charisma. Since he is mexican all you white trash red neck racist honky meanies, hate him. My grandfather was not in the Ku Klux Klan so I like Del Rio. You guys go stand next to Zeb Colter and say WE THE PEE PEE

    • Fast Eddie, in Mexico im sure he is extremely charismatic, but it does not translate well to American TV. That does not make us RACIST, FYI: You are the one spitting out racial slurs. There is a language barrier, it’s the same reason why Santino Marella has never been used as a ‘serious character’, he’s a phenomenal wrestler, and a great in ring worker, but because of the language barrier he was cast into a role of more of comedic proportions, because quite honestly this is easier to pull off when there is a language barrier. The Power Walk, The Cobra, there are non-language cues people can pick up on that are humorous. Del Rio is a great in ring wrestler, no one is denying him that, he’s just BORING as a ‘character’, and that’s because his ability to communicate is limited due to the barriers of language. Ricardo Rodriguez made his character perfect, he was to Del Rio as Zeb Coulter is to Cesaro/Jack Swagger, or Heyman to Brock Lesnar.

  4. Del Rio is yet another current or future main eventer who got pushed back down to support the endless Cena-Orton-HHH paralysis of the WWE. Just like Ryback, Ziggler, Sandow, Bryan, Punk, etc over the past year, the company seemingly elevates them, only to serve to feed them to Cena & co. as ‘the worthy opponent of the moment.’ Then after they are defeated or have a cup-of-coffee/under-developed title run, back to the mid-card they go. The same fate awaits Roman Reigns, Antonio Cesaro and similar promising superstars this year, once they get too big. Del Rio sees the writing on the wall and has bowed out of the racket.

  5. ok this is a shock i mean get it, he was losing to sincara and now hes just being fed to batista even though hes a multi time champ, you people might not like del rio but i did and hes alot better then batista

    • When he first signed he was quoted as saying he was only thinking of being around 5-6 years tops. No surprise he’s ready to speed up his departure, if I were any former world champion and booked to lose to Sin Cara all the time I’d leave too.

  6. Del Rio got ASSF***ED since DAY ONE. A GREAT character, the mexican Million Dollar Man. He did EVERYTHING Dibiase’s pathetic son couldn’t. It was his ‘destiny’ to be wwe champion. He wins the biggest (although s***tiest) rumble ever and goes on to WM where he loses so Edge can have one last win. THAT S*** WAS AWFUL. Ruined him RIGHT THERE. Some ‘destiny’. He then just got tossed the title, lost it. Got tossed it again. Then lost it, had the WHC…but who cares by now. Just ANOTHER WWE f*** up. That company has no idea what it’s doing. Classic wrestling remains always watchable and well, classic. Today’s s***e isn’t even worth tuning into. Del Rio was the only watchable heel they have (besides Sandow, and to a lesser extent Bray Wyatt). At least because of his tenure we got the funniest moment in YEARS – when Ricardo came down to the rumble. I’ll NEVER forget that – absolutely hilarious. S***ty car, and del rio clone outfit. Freaking awesome. The only good thing about this year in wwe is that it’s pretty much headed in the direction where NO ONE is gonna be watching it 2 years… History repeats itself and just like Vince thinking his ‘old’ wwf star were done and had nothing to offer except announcing roles (when it turn they went somewhere else and KICKED HIS ASS)… He’s not paying attention again and this time it could put the company in the crapper for good. It’s possible people…

    • The WWE isn’t anywhere near “The Crapper”. The product may not be as good as some in the IWC are clamoring for it to be, but the company is doing just fine.

      Backstage morale may not be all that great since CM Punk walked but as we get further away from that and deeper into WrestleMania season that will begin to fade and it will go back up again as it always does. The WWE Network isn’t starting for nothing. Alberto Del Rio has never been fully over with the fans in WWE, CM Punk has had stretches where the same can be said for him as he needed the pipebomb storyline that got stale to do it for his last run

      The WWE has young guys like Ambrose, Reigns, Kofi, the Wyatt family, Sandow & plenty of people in NXT and probably in places we haven’t even thought about that will help carry the company into the future.

      They’ll come into their own but we’ve got to be patient and wait for it to happen. Right now, John Cena is the man and is selling the t-shirts, the PPV buyrates, Raw, Smackdown and house show tickets.

      Until someone else can get the brand name recognition that he gets even from non-wrestling fans, it’ll continue to be this way, if we as wrestling fans want that to change it’s our job to make it happen. Sitting here, complaining about it won’t help matters.

  7. i don;t blame these people leaving wwe cause they r being held back cause of losers like batista guys like the rock comes back boom champ batista comes back boom title shot and main event at mania but guys there every day busting ass get pushed back for them if i was these guys don;t go by the script and hurt and put these losers out and take there spot

  8. It is what it is. Like him or not, ADR had a good run in the WWE. However, all good things must come to an end. To me, he was at his peak when Ricardo Rodriguez was with him and they were babyfaces. Once he switched back to heel, everything went sour for The Mexican star. ADR, Adios Amigo.


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