Another WWE Veteran Possibly Leaving, Logo and More for NXT Arrival


– The WWE NXT Arrival pay-per-view on February 27th will begin at 8pm EST, head-to-head with TNA’s Impact Wrestling, and will only be available on the WWE Network. Below is the logo for the event:

NXT Arrival

– There is a lot of talk within WWE that Christian isn’t expected to stick around once his current contract expires. At age 40, there’s a feeling that WWE creative isn’t going to do anything significant with Christian and he’s just “playing out the string.”

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Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. Let him play out the string with 3MB or something… not in the damn Elimination Chamber match, for cripes sakes…

    • Yeah WAY better to have a clutz like Jack Swagger in the chamber over a great worker like Christian. Glad you don’t book things lol

      • Christian offers nothing at all. He was good when he was a heel with the unprettier a while ago, but he’s a nobody now. Swagger used to be better than he is now. I wouldn’t put him in the chamber either, d***head. LOVED watching Zeb give him a good smack in the face on RAW a few weeks ago – good for TV!

  2. I love Christian but he’s done. Too many injuries, they don;t know what to do with him and with out Edge…It’s too bad, with the Outlaws back in now they could have had one last really good feud. Even Too Cool II were on point on old school raw – but Christian has his mini gut and saggy boobs – it’s time to go and come back for maybe just the rumbles or something special…

    • “Christian has his mini gut and saggy boobs” Have not seen The Usos? “too many injuries” explain Rey Mysterio…LOL This is another case of creative not being CREATIVE..

      • Yeah the injuries with Christian, Rey, etc… good reasons to let the talent go, honestly. Creative doesn’t need the hassle of putting them in a non-physical or ubiquitous storyline. Creative has more than enough work to do just to barely pass a good grade for RAW and Smackdown.

        • Even when Christian was healthy and had the belt..creative sucked..WWE biggest problem and growing is creative..Story lines are written with a major case of ADD lol

    • Ehh… send the f***er to TNA – they’ll hype him like they are reportedly hyping MVP – maybe he’ll be champ again there… f*** TNA…


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