Anti-Batista Chants at NXT Tapings, WWE Polls on Shield-Wyatts, Cara


– Sin Cara debuted a new t-shirt at last night’s WWE live event in North Charleston, South Carolina so it should be up for sale during Monday’s RAW.

– As noted, The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family has been announced for Monday’s RAW. WWE’s website has a new poll up and with over 6,000 votes cast, 74% of fans think The Shield will get the win.

– The anti-Batista chants made their way to last night’s WWE NXT TV tapings from Full Sail University. Following a Mason Ryan victory, fans chanted “better than Batista” at him. During a match with former NXT Champion Bo Dallas, fans chanted “worse than Batista” at him.

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    • Insightful and educated opinion. He’s a ‘loser’. Uh oh – there’s the bell, recess is over!

    • A little more insight as to why he’s a loser would be nice. But let me educate you, Matt… CM Punk is off right now mostly because of guys like Batista who come back and rise to the main event right away, but have no plans of sticking around… whereas guys like Bryan, Punk, Cena are ALWAYS there, and bust their asses to make the company thrive. I’m not a big fan of Batista, but really this isn’t his fault. Hell, even Rey was getting booed at the Rumble because they really wanted Punk to come out.

      • What does Punk, Cena, Bryan or Rey have to do with Batista being a loser? Thanks for the non education..

  1. He’s being booed simply over the fact that he has done nothing for four years in the business, kisses Triple H’s ass with some money from Marvel so he can come back and hype his film, and wins the Rumble. He is hated, not because he’s a bad worker, but because so many other people have earned their place or better and he comes in and gets handed Mania’s main event. I sincerely hope it bites WWE in the ass and people at the stadium walk out on the main event.

    • He’s also a bad worker. The guy gets winded after a few minutes into his match… And at least Ultimate Warrior had an excuse for getting winded due to his running to the ring and around it beforehand.

      • that no excuse plus how could warrior get winded his matches were like a min lol and of course batista winded hes 45, and the crowd doesnt hate him cause he sucks he always did its cause he stealing the spot light from bryan.


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