Apollo Crews Discusses Working With Paul Heyman On His Promos


Apollo Crews has been on the best run of his career lately, gaining a real push following WWE WrestleMania 36. He picked up the United States Championship last week against Andrade, and during a recent interview with TalkSPORT, Apollo spoke about how much of an influence Paul Heyman has been for him lately.

“Paul Heyman is fantastic to work for. He’s been very hands-on with me and he’s helped me a lot, especially a lot in areas like my promos,” He began. “And that’s one thing I feel like I can always improve on. I can improve on all areas of my game and make sure I work on becoming the complete superstar and I won’t stop until that happens. I feel like human beings in general, we never see ourselves as perfect, but we always strive for perfection. I feel like just the fact that you strive for perfection, never feeling like you’ve reached it is what keeps you going.”

He continued, “That’s what I felt like too. It felt like I was doing a lot of floating around. I did stuff here and there but nothing I could ever really dig my teeth into or show what I’m really capable of. I was given opportunities, but I don’t feel like I was ever given anything I could, or even the fans could latch onto.

“There’s no reason for them to really like me. It’s like ‘Oh yeah, here’s this cool guy. This big guy who can do cool moves and cool stuff in the ring, but why do we want to like this guy,’ you know what I mean? But now I feel like I’m in a situation where I can show how I would react in a certain situation and show I do have more than a smile or cool moves in the ring. So, it’s a great opportunity I’m taking full advantage of.”

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