Ariya Daivai Films His WWE 205 Live Return, Tyson Fury Gets Undertaker Comparisons, More


WWE 205 Live star, Ariya Daivari created a short vlog on his recent return to the show after injury which he has shared online this week.

Daivari was out injured for six months with a neck injury prior to his return and he created a short vlog, which you can see below on the day of his return to the show. Daivari also claimed that these short videos are going to be something that the roster will start doing, known as 205 Life.

Tyson Fury Gets Undertaker Comparisons

The internet was at its very best this past weekend when people started making comparisons between boxer, Tyson Fury and The Undertaker after the way Fury got up for what seemed like a knockout blow. You can check out the hilarious video below:

Drake Maverick Claims Redemption

WWE 205 Live GM defeated Bobby Roode last night on WWE Raw and he claimed that the victory was redemption after weeks of torment and ridicule.