Asuka Reportedly Hurt At SmackDown Live Event


Several reports from a recent WWE SmackDown live event have stated that WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Champion, Asuka, may have been injured during her match.

The Empress Of Tomorrow was competing against Mandy Rose, whom she is still scheduled to face at WWE Fastlane for the title, at the White Plains, NY live event last night.

According to reports from those in attendance, Rose accidentally dropped the champion on her head during a reverse flapjack spot, which led to the dreaded ‘X’ signal being thrown in the air, with the match being stopped.

Thankfully, Asuka was able to walk to the back afterward, although she was helped by the WWE medical team. It remains to be seen how serious the injury is. Her planned WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship match is still being advertised for Sunday at the time of this writing.

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