Aubrey Edwards Reveals She Wants A Written AEW Rulebook


During her appearance on Talk Is Jericho, AEW referee, Aubrey Edwards spoke about how she wants a written AEW rulebook for people to check.

Fans are often quick to point out flaws with both AEW and WWE, especially when it comes to referee inconsistencies, but that is something that Aubrey Edwards is quickly hoping to deal with.

“I heard Tony Khan say, ‘We should have our rules be public, we’re like a sports company,'” recalled Aubrey Edwards on Talk Is Jericho. “I started writing everything down and realized there are all these holes of like, ‘what happens if an illegal person hits a legal person, how do we treat that?’ I had the rules printed out and we’re talking about it and Hangman [Page] comes over and is like, ‘Oh, ref meeting, you guys talking about rules?’ ‘Actually, we are.’ We talked about things and figured out how we wanted to treat the situations. I got the thumbs up from [Tony Khan] and hopefully, that will come out soon. One big question was ‘how do you treat four-way tag matches?’ because typically, anything more than a singles [triple threat or above]is no DQ, by default, but why do you have the structure of a tag team match? It doesn’t make sense. Why is somebody waiting to tag if it’s no DQ? Rick Knox had the idea of, ‘if one guy is DQ’d, that team is eliminated and the match continues.’ It’s probably something we’re going to use once, if ever, but just having that understanding. I also personally pushed for ‘intentional groin shots are illegal,’ independent of gender, because it’s important to us to have diversity. Ultimately, it shouldn’t matter what’s in your pants. It hurts when I get kicked in the box. It should be legal. Figuring out what’s a five-count, what’s an immediate disqualification. WWE, for instance, blatant chokes are illegal. Do we care about that? Nah, we’ll just do a five-count.” (H/T to for the transcriptions.)