AUDIO: Drew McIntyre: ‘I Will Be Back In WWE!’ + More


Drew McIntyre recently spoke with Gary Mehaffy about his WWE release and more. Check out the highlights:

On how he feels after being released: “Literally I went from a school schedule to a university schedule to a WWE schedule, so it’s kind of nice to relax. I’m going kind of stir crazy, because I‘m not used to relaxing!…..It’s nice to chill out for the first time in my life!”

On Vince McMahon touting him as a future WWE Champion: “He endorsed me himself – I didn’t know he was going to do it! He literally walked out and they said ‘you’re going to go out after Vince and do your promo’……It’s pretty crazy, but I thrive under that kind of pressure……..That was just unbelievable!”

On wrestling at Madison Square Garden: “It’s the mecca over here…’s an incredible crowd; they’re so passionate and knowledgeable. When you go there, it’s a different vibe……It’s such an incredible arena. ”

On being Intercontinental Champion: “It was amazing! If you Google my name and IC Title, that (picture) is my legit reaction. It was my life-long dream to be Intercontinental Champion….It was beyond a dream come true.”

On his future plans: “I plan to be the biggest wrestler in the world, outside of WWE……I have a clear idea in my mind what I’m going to do….I will be back in WWE!”

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