#August1Warning Mystery Man Revealed


In the closing moments of tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling, the lights went out and out came the #August1Warning mystery man, Tito Ortiz.

Ortiz stood on the ramp with his arms crossed with a smile on his face as the show faded. Here is photo of his debut on TNA Impact Wrestling.

tna impact photos 0500

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  1. They are really pushing with these ‘stunts’…Rampage…King Mo.. Now Tito..how often you gonna see these guys really wrestle and not just be outside the ring enforcers? They release real wrestlers for this?…bad move TNA…

    • I’m telling ya… Total Nonsensical Activity is what TNA stands for… let them shut down on their own and die.

      • oh stfu tna is doing fine, its there first year on the road. and spike is loving them this a good idea too as long as they do it right and actually have this guy wrestle lol

  2. This was a big FU for all the wrestlers who have been working hard to get into the business.TNA can take its MMA stuff and shove it.Rampage Jackson throwing Devon out of the ring was as pathetic as it gets

    • dude wwe, wcw they have both made jokes of wrestling at times…big jokes

      and it was only a big mistake when packman jones won a title without ever wrestling.

      • Bro three MMA guys in TNA while releasing wrestlers due to budget cuts.TNA has no good ideas what to do with its product.ROH should be the ones on cable TV not them

        • ROH is on TV, they have a syndicated show on fox about 3 times a week. They do deserve an episodic show though. They were bought by the company that owns Fox and all of Fox’s lower stations (MyTV, CW etc.) in late ’11. Once they get a foot hold they might make a huge play, especially because they have legit talent in the Briscoes, Kevin Steen, Elgin, and Mike Bennett. ROH just needs some star power and they will blow up!

          • now that is just crap,eric young is f***ing awesome how can you hate on that dude hes a great wrestler and funny as hell. hornswoggle is just a freak show like khali

          • Ok Allan when was the last time Eric had not had a real match since November 22 2012 and against Jessie and Robbie E And the loser had to were a Turkey Outfit and Jessie had to were one. That’s a long time to wait for a match I sorry he not that good Hornswoggle is a freak agreed. Khali at least has matches. What are they going to do with Eric Young He is nothing even Mr Anderson is better than him and I hate Anderson.

        • dude these mma guys are somebody, tna cut a bunch of nobodys,its about whats best for the show not helping some ok wrestler be someone

  3. why does tna let one of these guys debut it match before bringing on more. i think its a good idea but these guys need to establish themselfs as wrestlers or this is just stupid

    • I have a feeling they don’t let them wrestle because they don’t know how to wrestle…they are trained to punch..not to pull punches..years of training and instinct to actually hurt people as opposed to wrestlers who (though some do work stiff) have been trained to work in the industry….

      • tell that to wade barrett, fit finlay,william and many others who fought before they wrestled all that mean is they dont hit like pussies im sure joe would love a peice of ortiz

        • True there are some tough guys that bring it too..I was just recalling a few interviews I’ve seen with people talking about Tyson and Shamrock when they did their thing…was just my theory on the current batch of fighters coming up and why we don’t see them wrestle…we see them punch.

  4. My hands are in the air you listen to the fans? That’s right it was quiet they knew that Rampage and Tito were going to fight again but this is just going to be off in a week because Rampage is not going to stay with MEM because he is going to make more money fighting Tito in Bellator. And to think Angle never had a match with Rampage who didn’t see that happen? HEY DIXIE DID YOU ENJOY PAYING RAMPAGE TO LOOK TOUGH AND TO THROW A COUPLE OF PEOPLE OUT OF THE RING. How much do you think that cost maybe 250,000 and get rid of a wrestler. Do you realize Dixie that you should make Aries and Rhoode there own Characters especially when you Dress them like Orton and CmPunk. And where was Hulk Why I don’t see why Tazz was banned since he was late. I for one think its getting worse and worse the fans were not in the show. Someone tell me when WWE Buys That Pile.

    • The champion of this company wrestled at 9:45 while the women beater Tito Ortiz gets all the hype during this show.Who will be the next washed up MMA guy joining TNA

      • Agreed there. I next week they better go back to tape becasuse there big thing happened and what are they going to do Have Jeff Hardy turn Heel hahaha. what a joke or Joseph Park and that stupid look And why hasn’t Abyss title been striped. You know what I want from Tna since they are doing they Awesome matches why don’t they have Abyss Vs Joseph Parks for the Title. Kinda makes us fans mad. Aries is the only thing going and he had to help if you notice AJ botched the pin at the end and thankfully Aries fixed that. And honestly why is Eric Young with the company still and they are faking he still with ODB. ODB and Gail Kim deserve more respect than the MEM and the Aces and 8s part. and why did they even have Brooke Hogan and with Bubba Ray like we care any more.

          • Seriously he should have not gotten that award if your not a retard you should have known that was him the first time he showed up on Impact. He probably the worst in wrestling the The Gobbledy Gooker was a better Gimmic than him. He acts like he cant wrestle. He looks like he got hit in the face shovel like Little Nicky. It may of been entertaining for a week but now it just annoying. Yeah yeah he deserves the best gimmic since he so WOWING. Oh and I give a s*** about the best gimmic when Santino Marella, Disco Inferno, and Mr Kennedy that been a joke since.

          • Oh By THE WAY ABYSSm/J Park is not Mick Foley what is he trying to do the three faces.

    • WWE is way too good for that pile of garbage. They won’t get a return on their purchase. TNA should just shut down and die. Seriously. Don’t frustrate yourself watching a failing product and a failing organization. Let the poor man’s ECW fans keep watching, that’s all TNA has left.

      • WWE just needs to smoother it like a crazy mother does to its child. It makes young wrestling org. look bad when they are not that bad.

  5. Come on Dixie you have a great deal of talent bringing in this fighters only going ruin you more. Cut out all that use to bring back tito ortiz Dixie use AJ ROOD JOE ARIS SAVEN THE LIST GOES ON bringing this fighters in only going to ruin establish talents Goldberd Masters Morrison Doc Morgan Dixie turn back and listen to the fans Hogan an Bishoff going bring you down just ask Ted Turner Paul Heyman and Cornett Get together with ROH an bring back WRESTLING NOTT sport entertament AJ n Aris rock and Saven and Manic(suicide) great match MEM and Asn8 Not so good since you release Doc Vince bring Doc back

    • I Think this is a slap in the face all that talent in the back and what dixe you bring in ufc fighters for ratings yea ok well if i were the talent and when my contract expired i would go some were i was appreciated and not look at as a joke shame on you Hogan and Dixe TNA is going to Fold

  6. Not only is this a slap in the face of real professional wrestling talents, but to fans who thought you were bringing in a real worker who would jack up the promotion. Why the build up for a guy no wrestling fan wants to see or give 2 s***s in hell about.

    • TNA preys on random stunts like this. Can you imagine a WWE act like Zack Ryder going over there? Or Santino? Cripes, even JTG… these guys would be pumped up so much and shot up to the main event level so fast, your head would spin. Actually, a return to TNA for Christian is long overdue. That guy means nothing to me.

      • dude wtf are you talking about many many wwe guys have went to tna and been s***. its true they do push them but they only push them till they see there not really helping much..*cough* RVD *cough* lol

  7. Great move for Tna… As a business owner myself I know you must go outside the box to take on your competitor.

  8. Tna is basically wcw when they folded Tna screwed up when they broke from the nwa screwed all the good x division talent ruined peoples csreers gave all the power to washed up old guys tna will be done eithin a year

  9. what the hell are you thinking!!!!!!????? seriously! ive lost all hope for tna, you guys have become pathetic, way to screw s*** up Hogan and bishoff and Dixie, just do use a favor who used to watch tna an give it back to jeff so he can be different an not try an copy wwe, I cant find the words to describe how s***ty its become since the Hogan Dixie era, so when are you bringin in roy nelson or Emmanuel yardbrough or bob sapp, “will you teach me to wrestle” get creative! not stupid! bring back six sides! so much wasted talent in tna getting swept under the rug like morgan, hardy, or rvd (that’s now gone because of hogan) and basically the whole x division (or whos left that Hogan didn’t get rid of) because you want mma guys there to stand with a giant head an look like a douche…. if I were vince I wouldn’t give you a nickel for that piece of s*** you call a show or program or whatever you want to call it

    • I hear you I was so mad at last nights TNA they need Jarrett back Hogan thought that his click/style NWO or MEM was going forever people don’t care about that crap.

  10. this is the most boring B S , iv ever seen, I use to look forward to watching tna, but the last few months it has really sucked, come on Dixie carter get some real talent or your going under

  11. So now you have the MEM vs Ace with the loser being tossed from TNA..so Rampage is getting pinned with outside interference from Tito..setting up an MMA bout with the two..who needs to buy a pay per view?

  12. man, I love it when people fight over stupid, pointless, and trivial stuff……gotta love the marks, the smarks ( like me ) and of course, the trolls !!!………..oh, and TNA sucks harder than jenna jameson without the fun or happy ending, and wwe at least gives you a handy….no tissues, though………


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