Australia – PWAQ Rise of the Warriors 7 Results and News


Night 1 Results
1. Drop Bear def. Thomas Hockley
2. Linx Lewis Junior def. Xavier Black [Round 1 – Bracket A]
3. Kobra Jones def. Jack Nova [Round 1 – Bracket D]
4. Joel Bateman def. Jed Mace [Round 1 – Bracket C]
5. Rip Rielly def. Renegade [Round 1 – Bracket C]
6. The Phoenix def. Cyprian [Round 1 – Bracket B]
7. Ryan O’Hare def. Slammin’ Sam [Round 1 – Bracket A]
8. “Showtime” Jake Nova def. Lucas Gold [Round 1 – Bracket D]
9. Mystery def. JXT [Round 1 – Bracket B]

Night 2 Results
0. Dark Match: Thomas Hockley def. Spike Breezley via count out
1. Wacka def. Forbidden Wolverine to become the new PWAQ Smashmouth Champion
2. Joel Bateman def. Rip Rielly [Round 2 – Bracket C]
3. Ryan O’Hare def. Linx Lewis Junior [Round 2 – Bracket A]
4. “Showtime” Jake Nova def. Kobra Jones [Round 2 – Bracket B]
5. Mystery def. The Phoenix [Round 2 – Bracket D]
6. The PWA Icons (Buck Lewis & Drop Bear) def. Kobra Jones & Lependra, Lucus Gold & Xavier Black and Renegade & Slammin’ Sam in a 4-Corners Elimination match
7. Josh Extreme def. D-Volt
8. Mystery def. Jake Nova, Joel Bateman and Ryan O’Hare in the Rise of the Warriors 7 tournament elimination final and become the new PWAQ World Champion

– Years of working his butt off finally paid off as Mr 360, MYSTERY finally made it to the top not only winning the Rise Tournament but after an impromptu stipulation addition by Showtime Jake Nova, also won the PWAQ World Championship. After fighting his way through IPW, AWA and PPW, Mystery has finally reached the top of the Queensland Wrestling Scene and is Queensland’s World Champion. Mystery is scheduled to now take the title on the road with a Title Defense in Victoria in the upcoming months.

– Josh eXTreme has earned a future PWAQ Championship match against Mystery, with the date to be confirmed. PWAQ-Facebook can confirm this match will take place in VICTORIA – Making the PWAQ Championship’s debut in Victoria all the more exciting.

– After Mystery won the PWAQ Championship at Rise7, nWd and Forbidden Wolverine approached Mystery and gave him two choices. Be attacked by the nWd, or join them. Forbidden them pulled out the Turbo Wolverine mask and dropped it at his feet. As Mystery picked the mask up he appeared to think about it, but no answer was given as the entire PWAQ Lockeroom surrounded the nWd. The PWAQ Roster gave nWd the beatdown of the year, however Forbidden escaped the ring and before anyone could get him. Will Turbo Wolverine live again?


: PWAQ World Heavyweight Champion – Mystery
: PWAQ Southern Cross Champion – Linx Lewis Junior
: PWAQ Women’s Champion: Lependra
: PWAQ/nWd Smashmouth Champion – Wacka (Title retired at the show)
: PWAQueensland Tag Team Champions – VACANT