Backstage Brawl Involving Two WWE Superstars at SummerSlam


Alberto Del Rio was involved in a real-life brawl with Drew McIntyre at last night’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view.

At this time there isn’t a lot of specifics on the incident, but apparently the two got into a scuffle at some point, and the fight resulted in noticeable damage to both men.

WWE explain the black eye by saying it was a result of Christian hitting the Killswitch on Del Rio at Friday’s SmackDown episode. However, the black eye on Del Rio was the direct result of the fight with McIntyre.

Here is a closeup photo from last night’s pay-per-view event of Del Rio’s black eye.

Alberto Del Rio s Black Eye

More Details from The Backstage Brawl at SummerSlam….


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    • The f***er never got a push! Are you kidding me? And now we have to wonder about Curtis Axel from what I am reading as of late…

    • yep, hes finished..even if ADR aint’ all that great, the WWE still favors him….McIntyre is just on Superstars and the Main Event..big deal…he’s done now..3MB is now 2mb.

      • He had been in the dog house ever since that hotel scuffle with his now ex wife. too bad, the guy had potential but he never figured out how to get out of the hole he dug himself in. Regardless of del rio’s back stage pull….he gave the world champ a busted up face the night before the second biggest ppv of the year. pretty funny non the less but a huge no no in the business. I hear TNA just cut some dead hogan weight they may have an opening in the knockouts, maybe he can tag team with his ex.

    • The guy was a flop. Couldn’t get his Visa straight, couldn’t handle being in a relationship, and never had any talent to begin with. It’s about time they (hopefully) fire his stupid ass.

  1. It wasn’t reported on the WWE website so this means its 100% legit fight, someone is getting fired, still no details though.

  2. Remember we haven’t seen what damage Drew suffered so when we do we can clame a winner of this fight.The chosen one is more like the fallen one.TNA would take him if he were 50 years old lol

  3. On a side note, can we stop calling Christians Finisher the’s the UNPRETTIER for crying out loud.

    • YES! THANK YOU! There’s absolutely nothing to Christian at all, except that ONE move name – the unprettier. GREAT NAME, but again, that’s ALL that Christian has/had.

  4. He will be back when soon not good with 3mb I mean look at Cody Rhoodes he wasn’t looking like a good wrestler and now he is a high mid card same with Jack Swagger. Drew McIntyre Its only a matter of time its not as if soon before he gets in the IC US title hunt. Plus its not as if ADR doesn’t have a c***y angry side to himself. I am sure there is a lot of people who would love to crack that sob in the eye.

    • ADR is an arrogant zero. Just another 2nd-gen “star” who thinks he’s owed something because his daddy wrestled… F*** him.

      • Exactly I couldn’t agree more I cant stand him I think he is a big Douche. I was wondering earlier how he got that shiner I knew it wasn’t from Christian. Cody doesn’t even act like that.

      • Idolizer shut up…He is made to look like an arrogant person cuz he is a HEEL…..Is he suppose to be sweet and caring as a heel?? get a clue moron.

  5. i hope they fire drew just so tna can pick him up they will take anyone from wwe and drew could be huge he was never used right in wwe he was givin a strap and left on his own. and that had to be a good fight alberto is a former mma fighter and drews and pumped up scottsman.

  6. there are always fights backstage but when one guys the world champ and the other is a guys who had alot of chances…well it might not be good.

  7. Drew Barrymore!!!!! What the hell are you doing!!!!!! No!!!!!!!! I’m gonna miss you on DMB man!!!!! You guys were on a roll!!!!! I mean, you guys make losing an art form. Your the Picasos of jobbers. Drew, apologize to Del Pero so he can go to bat for you and beat you in a real match. Your too valuable to lose. You make jobbing look so natural!!!!

    • I’m no ICW hater sir. That’s like me saying your a racist cus you don’t like what I say. In case you didn’t notice, my last name is Ramos, a Latino name. Y tambien hablo espanol pendejo. So don’t be accusing me of being against my own kind. I call it like I see it, whether your Black, Brown, or hyper color.

  8. I have to agree with Idolizer. If you get your ass kicked in real life by Drew Berry more, you ain’t that good Jack!!!!! Del Perro, vete mucho a LA Berga!!!!!!!! Means go to hell,but times 1000 and south of the border, and I don’t mean Mexico either.

  9. Christian Cage. Give me a break. He makes DMB look like The Road Warriors. He should get together with Del Taco and Drew McDonald to form GLEE: Glowing Losers Elevated Excessively.


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