Backstage Details On The Production Of WrestleMania’s Boneyard Match


The WrestleMania night one Boneyard Match has proven to be a major hit with wrestling fans, and details have emerged about how it was all put together.

In a new report by, several details have come out about WWE putting the match together.

Firstly, the match was filmed in Florida, and a production unit was hired to create the set, which took five days to put together with the match itself being filmed over eight hours. WWE reportedly treated the production unit incredibly well and everyone who worked on it had positive things to say.

The talking between The Undertaker and AJ Styles during the match was all improvised, with Triple H apparently being supportive of them trash talking.

The spot where The Undertaker cut his arm, by smashing it through the window was not planned, but it was kept in as the crew all felt it looked great. Finally, Triple H and Michael Hayes spotted a hand prop, which was used for the final shot f Styles, and it was Undertaker who pitched for the hand to stick out at the end.