More Backstage Details On Why the Rey Mysterio Impact Wrestling Deal Fell Through


As noted, prior to Rey Mysterio making his surprise WWE return in this year’s Royal Rumble match, Mysterio had been negotiating with Impact Wrestling about a possible debut at the last set of Impact TV tapings.

According to, both Mysterio and Impact had been negotiating smoothly, until Konnan got involved in the negotiation process on Mysterio’s behalf, and something went wrong, and the deal was eventually abandoned by both sides. At one point, travel was scheduled for Mysterio to appear at the tapings, and the deal was very close to being signed, however, finalization never occurred following Konnan’s involvement in the process.

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Following the breakdown of the previous negotiations, Impact officials remained hopeful that a new deal could be reached with Mysterio, which would see the former WWE World Champion debut at the April TV tapings, however, Mysterio has since made it clear that he and WWE are now in negotiations for a potential return. With regards to WWE, however, the stalemate between the company and Mysterio is that officials want the high-flyer to work a full-time schedule, however, Mysterio is only interested in working a part-time schedule given his age, past injuries, and surgeries.

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