Backstage Fallout from This Week’s WWE RAW, JBL and Cole Doing Live Radio Show Taping


– Here is Backstage Fallout from last night’s WWE RAW:

– Michael Cole and JBL will be recording a live episode of their radio show this coming Saturday night at Jack Patrick’s on Olive Street in St. Louis. They will be giving out 4 free tickets to WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

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  1. 2 things at last the shield have been defeated in competition but couldnt take it like sportsmen. And 2nd if you wanted Punk with a storyline now would be great because teddy long in the statement about been number 1 contenders how can it be a contenders match they where already number 1 contenders for the world heavy weight title match. Which could bring punk by saying when randy Orton attacked few year ago when he was due to defend he was forced to vacate the title because he couldn’t defend thought that might have brought him back just to complain about the unjustice of him been forced to vacate where ziggler doesn’t


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