Backstage Heat on Eva Marie


As seen Monday’s Raw, Eva Marie made her televised wrestling debut as she and fellow Total Divas JoJo and Natalya defeated Alicia Fox, Aksana and Rosa Mendes in a Six-Diva Tag Team Match. Eva’s performance drew negative reviews online, as her inexperience was put on display before millions of viewers (prior to the match, she had only wrestled before a live crowd once, a non-televised tag team bout at SummerSlam Axxess in August). It has since come out that this reaction was sought within WWE as she was purposely set up to fail by members of management.

Officials wanted to knock her confidants down a few pegs, since they feel she has an undeserved ego and doesn’t realize how much she has to learn as a performer. Therefore, they had her sink on national television in hopes of making her humble.

Eva Marie In Yellow Fishnets Showing Off Her Hot ASS… OMG!!!


  1. Honestly Jay Leno looked more legit in the ring. She looked like a little kid afraid of getting hurt. Why the f*** is she even in WWE.. go back to modeling.

    • Eva Marie is a complete snob. No talent. Not even that good-looking, really. A woman is beautiful, first by her eyes, second by her personality. She has neither. I’d chew her up and spit her out because of her attitude. She’s not even made for modeling.

  2. Knock her confidants down a peg? Why would her losing knock down those she shares secrets with?………. Oh, wait. Did you mean CONFIDENCE? Two totally different words that have two totally different meanings.


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