Backstage Heat on Hulk Hogan for 2K Video Game Deal


Even though people appear to be fine with Hulk Hogan making a deal with 2K Sports to appear in WWE2K14, many within the company took it as a slap in the face of TNA.

Hogan’s contract with the company is also set to expire in the next couple of months. Hogan was not at the last pair of Impact Wrestling tapings as a cost saving measure, but will be returning at this Thursday’s taping in Cleveland, OH.

A Hilarious Hulk Hogan Commercial for Arby’s….

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. Suck it TNA. The man made Wrestlemania popular, he deserves to be paid for appearing in video games that chronicle his career.

  2. Umm, take it for what it is…free marketing! At the end of the day, look at it as a TNA wrestler/talent being showcased in a video game.

  3. What people need to understand is any non-current talent’s deal for this game is with 2K Sports, not WWE. Why shouldn’t Hogan make money where he can?

    • They feel like if he’s getting money ( laughable ) in TNA why does he need to be in a WWE game..not realizing that the first 6 Mania’s were about Hogan…If Warrior didnt suck so bad Hogan would’ve never returned for WM7.NEVER.Think about it..Sgt Slaughter as WWE champ?? Really???

  4. Love him or hate him, there is no denying his WWE
    legacy which is monumental. For him not to appear in the WrestleMania mode would be ridiculous.

  5. TNA made a s***ty ass wrestling game. Guys shouldnt be hating on Hogan for being in WWE 2k14 he helped make WrestleMania the Giant it is today. Probably some of those guys backstage giving Hulk flak want to be in the game as well.

  6. I don’t know whos worse when it comes to these “unwritten rules” in sports! Wrestling or Baseball?!

  7. My guess is Hogan will be gone from TNA and on his own accord. He did it in WCW when that started to go downhill.

  8. If they had a 2K Sports Wrestling game with ppl who had WWE tryouts , I’m fairly sure the TNA talent wouldn’t be upset…


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