Backstage News From Classic Wrestling Revolution’s First Taping


Source: Pwinsider

Classic Wrestling Revolution filmed material recently for a sizzle reel that will be used for potential TV, licensing and financial partners in California. It was during a TV taping for Dave Marquez’ Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Here are notes:

* Those involved with segments shot for the reel include Roddy Piper, his son Roderick Toombs, Shane Douglas, Road Warrior Animal, Mason Ryan and Michael Tarver. The plot is that Piper and Douglas had issues and their own teams of talent.

* The matches filmed include Toombs vs Rocky Romero and Traver vs Ryan (billed as Tor). There was also scenes of talents “training” outside of the arena.

* Road Warrior Animal also worked as a producer and Douglas was the booker. Kevin Sullivan was scheduled to be at the taping but wasn’t there. He was involved with getting the promotion started. Several producers who worked on ABC reality shows are also involved.

* CWR scouted the CWH talent that worked the “Red Carpet Rumble” event. They were also scouting a recent Paragon Pro Wrestling TV taping in Las Vegas.

* In March 2014, Shane Douglas represented the promotion to contact talents and asked them to sign letters of intent that they would work for the promotion when it launched. Bill Townshend, an Internet entrepreneur who created websites like (before he became a writer, motivational speaker and philanthropy) is backing the promotion and is listed on paperwork as “President.”

* He trademarked the name “Classic Wrestling Revolution”, which covers organizing and promoting live events, as well as a website, streaming material and downloadable content. The strategy didn’t involve live events and TV tapings until 2016. The 2016 launch will give them enough time to plan a debut and touring schedule. They are planning to debut with 250 live events in the US with possible international dates.

* CWR will be based in Las Vegas with a “non” PG-13 style product with faces vs heels and grabbing the 18-34 demographic from the Monday Night War era. They are partnering with a Vegas casino and will run six days a week to produce 36-44 hours of episodes.

* The letter of intent from last year said: “The purpose of the [then known as]CWF project is to return to American culture the classic sport of wrestling as made popular by the likes of Bruno Samartino, George Steele, Triple H, Andre the Giant, Baron Von Raschke. [CWF] intends to set base pay for our wrestler athletes an n‐air talent higher than current alternatives, to offer health insurance benefits or stipends, a 401k retirement plan and other benefits, and to create a profit‐sharing plan where all athletes share in the success of the company. In addition, CWF intends to make a percentage of television revenue available to retiring wrestlers in the form of a company operated pension plan.”

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