Backstage News On Jinder Mahal Vs. Randy Orton

– As noted, Jinder Mahal successfully defended his championship against Randy Orton at last night’s Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View.

According to insider Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio, it appears the next match between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal could end up having a stipulation or gimmick such as a Punjabi Prison match.

This would make sense given the Jinder-Orton storyline has seen the Singh Brothers constantly interfere during matches.

  • Robert Rabideau Jr

    That would be a stupid situation. Orton has had two shots at Mahal, if you want to make a match for Mahal, make it with him and Rusev, as Lana has made her way to Smackdown, only a matter of time, before Rusev makes his prescence known.