Backstage News on a Kofi Heel Turn, Change In WWE Developmental


– There have been discussions about turning Kofi Kingston heel with the idea that he’s talented but has been booked in a way where they will never be able to get him over as a babyface without a heel turn and push first.

– A new change in WWE developmental is to give the talents bullet points instead of scripts and teaching them to do promos like they used to be done.

It’s been noted that Triple H is far more old school in his thoughts on pro wrestling than Vince McMahon and when he’s in full control, we will likely see the storylines evolve back to a more believable and serious approach.

More Details on Triple H Taking Over WWE + Big Backstage News on the WWE Title…

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. so is david arquette planning on showing up to raw soon with the title. the rock is a sell out, disgraced the title. respect punk and cena for always being there.

    • ok rock is a former wrestler and paid is dues this isnt wcw and wwe might make there boss champion but they wont disgrace the bussiness by giving the title to a none performer. besides look at tna they gave a tag title to a guy that didnt wrestle once.. the rock isnt a sell out were all lucky he comes around to cut a promo but i do agree he shouldnt be wwe champ but if he is to ATLEAST be on raw every week and he should be wrestling too i mean is seeing the rock wrestle that its all about the promos, but him not being on raw, and who is too say cena or punk wouldnt leave wwe if they became the movie star the rock is. 38 million rock made in 2012, either way my point is your just being a mark.


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