Backstage News on Axel Getting Injured, Big E Responds

– Here is Big E Langston’s response after WWE broke news that his Intercontinental Title shot was pulled from Hell In a Cell due to Curtis Axel’s injury:


– Regarding Axel’s injury, word is that he was injured on Monday’s RAW. Apparently Axel blew out both of his hips in what’s being called a “freak accident.”

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  • Robert Medina

    How do you blow your hips. If it’s that serious, then Axel needs to forfeit the title.

    • Mr. Baker

      True..a Good ol IC championship tournament with the winner to be crowned @ Survivor Series…at least that is what I would do..A one night thing doesn’t do it for me..I wonder what ppl have to say about it, can’t wait to see responses

  • allan

    Axel should drop it his title run was more pointless then Antonio’s