Backstage News on Batista’s Deal, Mae Young at Home, Hardy Interview

– Bill Apter of recently spoke with Matt Hardy about teaming with Jeff Hardy again, Hulk Hogan and more:

– After being hospitalized about a week ago, Mae Young is back at home and is able to speak. She is still under hospice care.

– There have been conflicting reports on Batista’s WWE return deal with some reports saying he’s only returning for WrestleMania XXX and other reports saying he’s around until SummerSlam. Batista’s deal will see him return for two years or longer. It’s being considered a “last run” for The Animal.

Big Feud Discussed for Batista, New Plans for WWE Tag Teams, More

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    Damn, Apter. Will you let him answer a question? Constant interruption, gawking at his wife. I thought you were good at this.