Backstage News on Cody Rhodes, Cody Comments, SmackDown Viewers


– The August 30th episode of WWE SmackDown did 2,794,000 viewers, up from last week.

– Cody Rhodes made his first Twitter comments since being “fired” on last night’s RAW:

“Not ready to give a prepared statement. Outta’ sight, NOT outta’ mind. #RhodesDynasty”

– Speaking of the angle on last night’s RAW, notes that Rhodes taking time off to get married and go on his honeymoon had been planned but apparently there isn’t a lot of communication within WWE creative these days so they ended up having to rush his departure on last night’s RAW.

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    • again..they’re ( WWE “brains/ creative ) are wasting great talent and having their Primes past them bye…Your right , I was all for a Cody MITB win…which is more marketable to you, a Rhodes or Sandow as champion?? It’s a shame really, storylines or not, I’m tired of the recycling. Its a given Taker is gone after next year(maybe the year after…MAYBE ) Cena is dated..Orton isn’t as interesting with help for his heel turn…see WWE currently sucks so bad I can’t even ramble correctly…


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