Backstage News on Cody Rhodes’ WWE Status, AJ Gets a New Tattoo


– AJ Lee just got a new tattoo to commemorate her first Divas Title win. The marks represent 6/16/13, the day she won the Divas Title at WWE’s Payback pay-per-view. Here’s her new ink on the back of her neck:

AJ new tattoo

– Word going around at RAW last night was that Cody Rhodes is taking a few weeks off to get married and go on his honeymoon. Cody is getting married to former WWE Diva Brandi Reed (Eden Stiles). He will be brought back to the storylines in a few weeks.

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  1. WWE

    • It’s all fake and of course the villains are going to bully people you putz that’s what they do. If you don’t have the mental capacity to understand what they are doing then you shouldn’t be allowed to watch it.

    • I agree. It’s all a sham and regardless if it’s fake or not, They are promoting it regardless. Even if it is fake, kids interpret differently and some reenact it. Gregory Squirrell I applaud you for posting this, however at the same time as parents it is their responsibility to supervise their children and what they watch on t.v. Parents should sit down with their kids and explain to them that this is just entertainment and these are trained professionals.

    • dude, relax, it’s just a storyline ( except when it comes to vince mcmahon ). with all due respect, don’t be a mark, besides, what would you do for wwe’s improvement ?

    • that’s what you get when a company that’s all about beating up people tries to get people to stop fighting. But don’t worry because once 2016 comes around I’m sure Linda will run for office again and they’ll clean up their act again.

    • No s*** its pro wrestling of course there’s bullying. You need to chill if you don’tlike it don’t watch lol although there is bully its part of the show and the good guys prevail in the end.

    • LMAO – for someone who’s been in the business – you don’t know s*** do you? The be a star, anti-bullying campaign was ONLY started for Linda McMahon’s Senate Run… And acting like you DON’T KNOW or are SHOCKED that Triple H is a hypocrite douche bag is hilarious. Sit down and be quiet, dumb ass.

    • George darlin, you have to understand that there are different types of bullying and the WWE is famous for nearly all of them. They destroy other promotions with less money by depleting them of their talent. They use to allow Bradshaw to harass the newbies in the shower room. You should have heard some of the things that use to happen to Sable and the lady that was built like a dude. (Not Chyna) They terrorized those ladies because for whatever reason they didn’t like them. The WWE has been so good for so long because they have a very thin line between what they do inside and out of the ring. It gets blurred and they need to get put in check. Wrestling isn’t quite as evolved as some sports but the more physical ones take longer. Football, Wrestling, Basketball and Baseball are known mainly for being for and about men. They are like the throwbacks of the sporting world mentality wise and in some ways it makes them good just not this way.

  2. i know its fake i was in the biz for 10 years but that does not keep kids from watching it believing what they see…..i think it is irresponsible to go around talking to kids about bullying and then be apart of a story line that promotes it…..fake or not fake it sends the wrong messages to our kids

    • everything on tv is like this. movies, “reality tv”, video games. theres always an antagonist and protagonist. everyone is supposed to get behind the protagonist to triumph over the bad guy. Wrestling is the same exact thing.

      • i think they have some imput, Remember, Shawn Michaels refusted some things while in DX because it went against his religious beliefs

        • Shawn Michaels can ask to be WWE Champion today and tomorrow he will be, bot just 5 years ago Kristal was singled out because she refused to do the Edge marriage storyline, she got fired and then her boyfriend at the time Bobbi Lashley also got singled out because he stood up for her, and he got fired too. Some guys there choose who and what they want do do, and then you have Zack Rider who probably can’t even choose what to eat every day.

    • Then it’s the parents responsibility to explain to the kids that this is fake and all just part of a story and that these guys are just bully’s on TV. Guess in your world, WWE should just be full of faces that all get along and there’s never any conflict at all and it’s all sunshine and rainbows, I can tell you right now that would be boring as hell.

  3. Anyone remember when Ricky Steamboat wanted time off to be with his family after his IC win at Wrestlemania? Remember how that worked out?

    Cody just flushed his career down the toilet.

    • and when was the last time Cody had a Mania title match, they are not even on the same planet in terms of importance to WWE, and besides story or not he was right when he said the McMahon’s never cared for his family.

      • My remark was meant to express that by wanting time off Cody hurt his career in WWE. He won’t get pushed when he comes back just like Steamboat.

        • he won’t get pushed because he never was meant to get pushed in the first place, Damien has only been in WWE for 2 years and already he’s had more chances than Cody ever did, he is just another jobber like Zack and The Miz who went from being WWE Champion to a mere commentator.

    • exactly lol – DUMB move. It’s taken him HOW long and how many silly attempts (‘dashing’, masked, paper bag, MUSTACHE, Rohdes Schollars – jesus christ!?) to get over and NOW he’s like ‘I need time off to get married’…hahahaha He’ll be coming back dressed as a REAL dragon spitting NASTY gasoline out his mouth – oh wait, like you said that already happened… Good work Cody. This shows the determination/work ethic in this family. Dusty bullies everyone to get his spot and then when wwe bound he’s covered in SPOTS, lol. Cody’s pulling a steamboat here – at least Goldie put in serious work, he was even gonna get breast implants… Props to Goldust lol

  4. First Cody gets fired, (getting Married) , Made Big Show Cry (pesidic), HHH tells Hayman he approve getting beat up by Punk,,Ziggler gets another beat down and finally Show knocks out Bryan. Ok my predictions Hayman may be one that Joins Bryan becouse he has gone againts the McMahons before, Show trying to get in with Bryan then to stab him on the back like before with Cena, Show is always the back stabbing comeback guy, Cody and Ziggler will finally get fed up and join Bryan and with Hayman joining them to get back on the McMahons and HHH it be the best storyline ever, Yet and Extra Ingrident Shawn Michals coming back and helps Bryan put it together.

    • Word going around at RAW last night was that Cody Rhodes is taking a few
      weeks off to get married and go on his honeymoon. Cody is getting
      married to former WWE Diva Brandi Reed (Eden Stiles). He will be brought back to the storylines in a few weeks.

  5. if this wasnt storylined i think By Now hhh would have been fired because Vince Would be losing Millions by now with the workers walking out with the way there been treated and no workers means no product no product means no1 is buying anything so vince would have done something sooner hhh a business man not cat in hells chance

  6. i guess i remember the old school days of wrestling..when you came out to do an interview promote the next big event and then get in the threatning to fire someone if they didn’t do this or didn’t do that

  7. ok i want to see you what all of you have to say about it being just story line when your son or daughter comes home without there tennis shoes or nice coat because the class bully said he would beat them if they didn’t give him what he wants

  8. See what a wonderful story line. That sounds much better. This is a great year for making little ones. I’m glad he’s not really fired.


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