Backstage News on Daniel Bryan, Nash Praises Rumble Star, More

– Stephanie McMahon tweeted a photo of Pittsburgh Steeler Ben Roethlisberger, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels backstage at the Royal Rumble last night:

Ben HBK Flair

– WWE’s website has posted several reactions from Superstars after last night’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Paul Heyman told Tom Phillips that Brock Lesnar would continue to conquer WWE. Kevin Nash also spoke to Phillips and said Roman Reigns is a future world champion. Nash said he didn’t last long but it was a good night.

– reports that despite everything that went down, or didn’t go down, at the Royal Rumble last night, WWE is still planning on pushing Daniel Bryan in a big way.

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  • Ernie Marin

    pushing him to the ground maybe.

  • eric

    hey look its a real world champion, Ben, and a 16 X fake world champ and a 4 X fake world champ. Guess Ben wins. But, I admit hbk and flair were great technical world champs that could actually wrestle, headline ppvs, and entertain like no other.
    WM VIII dream match flair (c) vs shawn michaels – WWF

  • eric

    for a moment I thought an NFL player at royal rumble ringside would lead to some epic moment to be captured by the NFL, ESPN, WWE, and CNN.
    Batista, disgruntled at the fans booing him walks by Rothlessburger who is laughing but offering him a handshake for his win. Batista does not find it funny and attacks Rothlessburger.
    The next night on Raw Vince comes out (to make the angle look real) instead of hhh, the on-screen boss. Vince apologizes sincerely to Ben, his family, and the NFL. Vince says that while in the history books Batista is a two time former rumble winner, he is stripped of his WM 30 shot as punishment and to make up to Ben/NFL. Batista is also suspended by Vince for raw tonight. Batista comes back next week and attacks Vince severely, making Vince a new face and Batista a heel.
    Vince says the winner of the EC ppv will get the wm shot. It is won by Bryan. Vince/Ben vs Batista storyline never gets mized into the HHH/steph/orton vs Bryan storyline.
    WM 30:
    1.Rothlessburger vs Batista – main event (last match). Ben wins!
    2.Orton (c) vs Bryan – wwewhc. orton wins and retains!
    dark match: sheamus vs brodus clay