Backstage News on Dixie Carter’s Promo, Matches for Next Thursday

– Next Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling from Little Rock, Arkansas will feature Manik vs. Chris Sabin for the X Division Title plus Eric Young, ODB and Joseph Park vs. Robbie E, Jessie Godderz and a Knockout to be announced.

– As seen on this past Thursday’s Impact, Dixie Carter cut a heel promo in the ring with AJ Styles. Word going around is that the promo is supposed to be the jumping off point to take TNA in a different direction creatively.

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Source: PWInsider

  • MacW


    • sean998

      yeah guys like bully, aries, roode, storm, kaz, daniels, aj, joe, magnus…are lolworthy right? you retard.

  • Dan Iacovelli

    I heard that before, rember the early days of tna when dixie was in charge didn’t she say”I won’t be like vince and be on air”
    what happened.

    • sean998

      I like the fact that they addressed something that fans on the internet have been b****ing about since 2010. AJ really did build this company & Dixie really did tear it down.
      They are the perfect pair to play this. Its a story that i can invest on.

  • Ronald Ryan

    its only a matter of time until TNA is gone

    • sean998

      that’s what they said since 2002. I would much rather prefer an alternative product instead of one giant corporation having monopoly & forcefeeding me bulls***.
      but you’re too ignorant to understand that

      • Ronald Ryan

        they also said the same thing about WCW but where is WCW now

        • sean998

          actually people had no idea WCW was going down well into 2000. that’s why it came as such a big surprise.

          • Ronald Ryan

            the fact is it still happened and TNA has the same faith if things don’t change

  • Mr. Baker

    Seems like she needed to read what she had to say on her phone a lil bit more…Her promo made Booker sound like JR…

  • Ralph Ramos

    Jesse Godderz? That chump from Big Brother? Are you kidding me?

  • bluey

    i think that dixie carters should leave tna wrestinng.i have been watching wresting since i was 4 year old.iam very disappointment hulk hogan has left .