Backstage News on Dolph Ziggler’s Heat, Kaitlyn Reveals 2K14 Phenom Edition


– In the video below, Kaitlyn unboxes the Phenom Edition of the WWE 2K14 video game:

– Regarding why Dolph Ziggler seems to be stuck in the midcard right now, he has the reputation backstage for being someone with a bad attitude. It’s said that WWE officials don’t like the way he represents himself backstage, the way he speaks to people and the way he speaks to the media. While Ziggler tries to make it sound like he’s keeping with the storylines, there are people within WWE that don’t like how he speaks out about the company.

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Partial source: PWInsider

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    • No he shouldn’t he treats people like asses even when he is out of his wrestling persona and I met him his work ethic sucks.

  1. Politics. What a load of crap. The Ultimate Warrior wasn’t a sweetheart either, but he still got a nice push. Kurt Angle, as much as I admire everything he’s done for wrestling, was a bit of a hard-ass too. The list goes on and on.
    This is why WWE is losing a little ground. You have to go with the hot hand, regardless of your personal feelings for someone. You have to do what’s best for business, not whats best for you. Dolph Ziggler is so over with the fans its ridiculous.
    If they’re going to continue to push guys like Santino and not Ziggler, people are going to continue to get turned off by the WWE.

    • It is what’s best for business dude if you have a bad attitude and don’t like your fans you shouldnt be a champion I mean do u even know what these guys do lol

      • I know what they do DUDE, do you? And its not what’s best for business. If you like to watch inferior wrestlers succeed and the cream of the crop held down, that’s your problem. Guys like Ziggler deserve to be pushed, regardless of their attitudes. Guys like Santino don’t, because they’re clowns, kinda like you DUDE.

    • HHH always been an attention hog, Orton been a Kiss Ass, Flair and Hogan where always over Rated even thow Flair work his ass off in WCW, NWa an AWA and other wrestling organization what Im saying all this guys have always had a bad rep but could back it up in one way or another becouse there were other companies exept for Orton and HHH but since there is no other company WWe drags them down Ziggler, Tensie, Santino, Gabrial, T Kidd, an Others not mention Mr Kennedy have succeded in TNa, Doc, Christian and the Dudleys but since TNA is not consider a major promotion by others its like whatever with what they accomplish Kurt Angle left WWE due to diffrences with management, Sting never sign with WWE becouse he saw how they treated WCW stars Only Booker, Eddie, and Benia saw success in WWe after they jump all the rest were beried so low into midcards or fired. Parten my spelling but i had to say this Ziggler ==Ryder and others deserve a good run but once Cena come back bet Danials going go Midcard again WWE is so prodictable that we going have 3 to 5 yrs of Orton, cena, shamas and big show

  2. Wrestling is really a bunch of high school politics isn’t it. So childish. Cena has developed a reputation of taking your girl..but he’s a top draw so they let it slide 🙂

  3. Zigglers career is over he’s not even on a pay per view.him and Damien Sandow are too embarrassing wrestlers. hell they make Santino Marella and Great Khali look good and that’s sad.

  4. why are you people b****ing if he’s got an attitude then f*** him, i loved raven but he didn’t deserve to be champion cause he was an ass lol

    • Batista hated the WWE fans and other superstars but he still got over and had championship runs. In 2008, A friend of mine noticed him at a Perkins at a town an hour from Kansas City. He (my friend) asked for a picture with him and he (Batista) copped an attitude after he did the quick photo. Yeah. What a way to treat your fan base and source of extra income.

    • Maybe you should marry him then.After all, you and a fancy restaurant do have something in common you know. You take your deliveries through the rear. LOL.


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