Backstage News on Eva Marie, WWE Releases NXT Star, Mercury

– Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore is apparently replacing Joey Mercury as a coach in WWE developmental. Mercury is being set up for a producer’s job with the main roster.

– WWE recently released former MMA fighter Phil Friedman, who wrestled as James Bronson in NXT. He is the son of former Mattel and Toys R Us president Neil Friedman. It’s said that given he’s in his late 30’s, his signing was partially a favor. Bronson had been out of action for a while with an injury.

– People within WWE have acknowledged that Eva Marie comes off on TV like a star, whether she can wrestle or not. The idea is they have to figure out a role for her.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Padres4life

    A star? Her and JOJO are useless

  • allan

    That’s y Bronson was in wwe !

  • Bobby Seagle

    I’m surprised Eva Marie’s hair hasn’t fallen out with all that hair dye. Horrible and can’t wrestle!

  • Dahak

    A Star? She may look good, but Padres4life is right. I don’t understand what her and JoJo are doing in WWE and why they were chosen for Total Divas.