Backstage News on Eva’s Segment with Stephanie, Heat Already?, More

– Even though the WWE Total Divas reality show is scripted, word from Monday’s RAW is that Eva Maria is “passionately hated.”

It’s also noted that the only person who comes off worse than Eva Marie is Ariane, known on TV as Cameron. One WWE source said, “Cameron is an idiot, but everyone in the company already knows that so it’s nothing new.”

The one thing that was real on the show was the tears by Eva Marie when she met with Stephanie McMahon. The storyline where Eva lied about her dance background in the hopes that she’d be chosen to be Fandango’s dancer was fake but when they started putting the show together, they got word that while Stephanie was always super busy on Mondays, she would make time if they could come up with a good storyline for the show.

Eva went into Stephanie’s office with the idea that she’d done something really bad and that Stephanie was pissed at her. Stephanie was in character the whole time but Eva didn’t know that, which is why we got the real tears on television. Some WWE talents were laughing at the storyline, since it’s almost impossible to get any time with Stephanie on Monday but it was played up on Total Divas like there was no problem.

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  • The huntress in the night

    Ok so none of the show is real, this is all scripted bs. I mean I know the side confessional commentaries are, but the supposed backstage reality is crap? Ok Vince and Co you had me sold on this being a reality series, and I fell for a total work. I was in the business for several years and you got me.