Backstage News on HHH’s Comments to Daniel Bryan


As seen at the conclusion of RAW, Triple H took hold of mic and ran Daniel Bryan down yet again, saying Bryan is not worthy of being “The Face of WWE.” Triple H’s scripted remarks had a lot of people shaking their heads backstage since they feel he was burying him as a performer rather than knock him in a way that would lead to Bryan gaining retribution.

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Source- F4WOnline

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  1. I’m sure he loved saying RVD, Jericho, and Edge didn’t have what it takes to be the face of the company. Which is ironic because save for size those guys are better than him in every way. Well except boning the boss’s daughter.

    • Edge WAS the face of the company. Jericho, almost (he was the 1st undisputed champ, but that was a time when Stephanie was involved again). RVD was RVD – No, not the face of the company, but most wrestlers would have loved to have his WWE career.

      And I agree- Edge and Jericho especially, were better than Hunter is almost every way.

      • Being Canadian I won’t disagree lol but neither of those men were the face of the company edge was the face of smackdown I guess but never the face of the wwe and Jericho was never evvvvverrrr lol the face the wwe he was the first undisputed champ so? Vince hated every moment of it and it was 4 months and he back to tag team. There’s a difference between the face and the champ

  2. not saying triple h wasn’t a major part of the atittude days but who is he kidding if it wasn’t for the rock, the undertaker, shawn micheals bret hart ,Mick foley and Most importantly vince and stone cold steve austin wwe would of been dead and it would of been one night in chyna starring chyna and him yes triple h was a major part but not the savior. RVD EDGE AND JERICHO IF THEY CANNOT BEEN FACE of the company then who they want another hulk hogan or randy savage we all know that won’t happen


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