Backstage News on Jeff Jarrett, Aces & 8s Storyline Going Away?, More


– The TNA live event on November 2nd in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan drew 1,000 fans.

– Jeff Jarrett is responsible for making the deals with outside promotions for AJ Styles to defend the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Jarrett is also now working as the agent for most of TNA’s big matches, such as the recent Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode match on Impact Wrestling.

– Regarding AJ’s opponent for the Wrestle-1 promotion in Japan, Seiya Sanada, Sanada has shown some interest in coming to TNA.

– Aces & 8s are either going to be dropped or not to be nearly as significant as they were since that was an Eric Bischoff project. No word yet what Eric being gone means for his son Garett Bischoff either. Garett is well liked and considered a hard worker.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. How can TNA actually have a World Heavyweight Title? Do they represent REGULARLY throughout the WORLD? No. That title means at best as much as the old WWE Hardcore Title… IF that.

    • In the US TNa is the second promotion out of the states is growing and fairly well yea its a world championship.

      • No… and I’ve said this before… if you have the Sun and the Earth in comparison of size between the two, you can say the Earth is the second largest celestial body, right? Same is true in comparing “largest wrestling promotions”. WWE is THE game in town, but one could argue that TNA is the second “largest” promotion… but again… WWE is the sun, and TNA is earth in size. LOL

        • I agree an respect your opinion with no doubts yes WWE is the biggest an only world around wrestling promotion yet its stale like year old bread why becouse of lack of compitition we can not go back to the Monday nights wars no more yet i see a small promotion trying to grow, it makes mistakes yes, but the AWA made those mistakes, When Turner took over a non wrestling promoter it made it into one of the biggest promotions and for a while had dear old Vince into the gutters. Now Panda Energy ain’t as big as WWE Enterprise, Enterprise is the Key here Its a wrestling promotion Run by wrestling family, plus Movie company network company a sales company it can afford to loose money like in the last PPv. Dixie an panda tried taking it to the other cities becouse of Hogan but they were not ready yet, cost them lots of talent and panda has lost alot of revenue yet lots of people expect for TNA to go down maybe it will but if it does WWE will go more Stale and people like Brayan and Punk will not be notice, Such as Styles, Rood, The BRiscos from ROH, Aries Sabin and others All WWE does is put this great talents in Mid Card raise them to the top and then drops them Ryder, Bryan, Primo, Epico, Swagger, and the list go’s on I could write much more Im a 30 yr old fan, Saw AWA, WWFE, SwcW and others ECW if WWE didn’t force Hayman into bankrupt Hayman not Vince would have been the biggest promotion. Like or not if TnA goes down then we stuck with the worse I LOVE WRESTLING BUT SO MANY TIMES I SEE WWE FAIL FOR EXSAMPLE THE LAST PPV without Cena and Orton, hhh the is no WWE

          • Your response has so many grammatical and spelling errors that I could barely read it. Look, WWE is the only game in town. They swallowed all the competition. What they need to do is push EVERYONE to make everyone important enough for the promotion to continue to grow and gather interest. They need a top notch U.S. champ, a top intercontinental champ, a top WWE and World Champ. I’m talking guys that hold these titles for months and even longer at a time, and make things even more competitive than before instead of having stars job to others so much. TNA is on its death row…

          • I do agree, WWE needs to do better you’re view is correct, WWE has swallowed all others. Only with all your love for wrestling why hate smaller promotions if Tna dies does that means you going hate RHo or other Indy’s. Only thing im saying WWE is just doing the same old thing all over. An yes my spelling is bad but i do know an respect wrestling.

          • I don’t know much about the indy circuit, or ROH, but if Punk and some of the other heavy-hitting talent put it over, surely there has to be a reason for it. I know that I can’t help but be on the verge of either sleep or puking any time I have ever watched TNA.

    • Because EVERY promotion has a World Heavyweight Title. Are you kidding me? Are you that naive? ROH doesn’t really travel around the world and yet they have a World Heavyweight Title. And to answer your question about representing throughout the world, It’s about worldly talent coming to the promotion and challenging for the title.

      • It’s TNA’s attempt at making their championship mean something, and it’s a careless, frivolous attempt at that. They’re desperate and they’ll try anything to compete with the big league. Setron, get a clue!

        • TNA needs all the prestige it can get right now so working with other promotions is a great thing. Besides I remember when they held the TNA World X Cup whcih featured different talents from all over the world. That was a concept they should have kept. Shouldnt have let guys like Brian Kendrick, Jay Lethal, Roderick Strong, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Chris Hero go.

          • TNA has lost whatever promotional momentum it once had, and it will never be a good promotion, no matter who runs it.

      • ROH doesn’t have the put up that most companies have because they are an independent. They might not go all over the world but their wrestlers come from all over the world. I just wish they could get a cable deal and then people would see how great they are indeed.

  2. TNA needs to keep working with other promotions like they have in the past. Its what made them different from WWE and interesting to watch.Guess Jeff is the only one with some sense to make these moves.Now they could potentially land a new superstar from Japan.

    • Jeff has nothing. He was a half-talent that couldn’t even make it in the WWE when he was spellig his name out to everyone…

    • Jeff thinks outside the box and he understands the need for people to see all types of people not just wrestlers. People, whether they admit it or not, are more apt to watch and even pay money to see people that are either like them or completely different. They don’t want to see all different people doing the same things or all the same people doing different things. They need people and things in variety which makes the world spin.

  3. Aces and Eights is awesome. They should at least keep Wes Brisco, Garett Bishoff and Knux, kind of like The Shield.

    • The concept is good but I didn’t like Bully Ray as the leader. I really thought it should have been Joesph because that would have been a shock. First of all it would have shown how tough he was because they did all types of things to him. Secondly, they could play even more on his personalities and Lastly he would have added a depth. You could see why the ones that liked him would and why the ones in the group that didn’t like him would still respect him. Bully doesn’t pull it off that well to me. I couldn’t understand why in the world Ken and Bully would even work together and people in that group turn on each other too much. Taz doesn’t even seem that thrilled.


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