Backstage News on Jim Ross Leaving WWE


As noted earlier, WWE announced that Jim Ross is retiring from the company. Ross met with Vince McMahon earlier today, and the decision was made to end his tenure with the company. WWE’s reason for Ross’ departure is that he wants to “focus on his personal business endeavors.”

The final decision was made by Vince McMahon, and it’s being said that Ric Flair’s unruly behavior at the WWE 2K14 panel during SummerSlam weekend was one of the contributing factors in his departure. Management felt that Ross, who hosted the event, should have cut off Ric Flair when he went off-script and made several controversial remarks in front of WWE & 2K Sports executives.

For what it’s worth, McMahon commented on Ross’ departure on his Twitter account, writing, “Thank you @JRsBBQ for 20 years of service with @WWE.”

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  1. Ric Flairs behavior might have been the cause? Whatever… in reality the one who should be “leaving the wwe” is Vince Mcmahon

  2. Whatever happened to freedom of speech Vince your a tool Can see why your father put you as a ring announcer Jesse was right about you

  3. Lost 1 of the best commenators in the world of sport better then Bradshaw cole and Lawler he could comment on anything and do it with respect and from the heart where others kiss butt

  4. Flair did his job. He made it entertaining! That’s why he is the greatest ever. And Jim Ross(arguably the best commentator in the biz) is being told to step down. This is why your product stinks now, Vince! You’re not letting people be themselves and thus there is no more creativity or uniqueness in the WWE.


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