Backstage News On Natalya vs Ronda Rousey, X-Pac Wants Chyna In WWE Hall Of Fame


In the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided some interesting backstage news regarding the recent Natalya – Ronda Rousey match.

Rousey defeated Natalya in the main event of the Christmas Eve WWE Raw and according to Meltzer the entire match was called out in the ring with no pre-planning or rehearsals, showing the huge progress that the champion has made in just a short time.

He also commented on the previously planned feud between the best friends, noting that it still could happen, but it wouldn’t be until later in 2019 at this point.

X-Pac Wants Chyna In WWE Hall Of Fame

X-Pac was celebrating Chyna’s birthday on Twitter today, remembering some of the amazing things she achieved and stating he hopes she is honored the day before WrestleMania soon as it seems like the right time, alluding to a HOF induction.

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