Backstage News on Plans for Roman Reigns, HBK Talk, More

– spoke with Rob Van Dam and Kaitlyn at Ringside Fest 2013 in New York City last week:

– For what it’s worth, there are still many people within WWE that believe Shawn Michaels will wrestle one more match. They insist that despite Shawn and others denying it, something is going on regarding a return down the road.

– As seen on RAW, WWE did subtle teases for a Roman Reigns babyface turn. It’s going to happen but probably not for several months. The long-term idea is that Reigns splits off as a big babyface and the new feud with The Wyatt Family vs. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan is the first step towards making The Wyatts the new six-man main event unit.

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  • alexx52

    The Wyatt family (although a unique concept) just does not appeal to me.

  • Zuckerton

    Wyatts as “the new six-man main event unit”? Six-Man? Someone can’t count.

  • Ernie Marin

    So screw Bryan and Punk, why does WWE keep changing their focus so often, yet stupid John Cena is always in the spotlight.

    • Joshua Nixon

      I agree with your assessment but John Cena is basically the face of the company not Randy Orton. All of the merchandise he sells creates big bucks for WWE. Punk and Bryan could be marketed just right if WWE gave them the same support. Cena is basically WWE’s modern era Hulk Hogan. Hogan had five moves of doom as well as Cena.