Backstage News on Plans for Vince vs. HHH Storyline, WWE-UFC Twitter Study

– A Twitter study of WWE and UFC shows that per capita, based on tweets that mention the brand name, WWE’s best three states are New Jersey, New Hampshire and Connecticut. UFC’s are Nevada, Montana and New Mexico. Both UFC and WWE’s best states are the ones they are headquartered in so it’s a metric likely moved by employees. On a geographical basis, WWE’s best states were Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, West Virginia, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Colorado. WWE’s worst were Oregon, Utah, Kansas, Louisiana Georgia and Alabama.

– We noted before that WWE officials were wanting to do Steve Austin vs. Triple H with Austin backing Vince McMahon in a fight for control of the company for next year’s WrestleMania XXX main event. That idea was proposed in creative but had never been agreed to. Word now is that it’s off the books. No word yet on exactly why the idea was nixed but the idea of The Rock in Austin’s role has been talked about as well.

At one point, the idea for SummerSlam was that Vince, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H would unite but later in the year they would split again with Triple H going heel.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • I hope Bryan fits into this storyline somehow

  • wow

    id like to see Austin at mania 30 used in some capacity.

  • Phantom90

    Too bad, I would pay to see Stone Cold vs Triple H at WM30, heck I would even pay the extra $10 in HD and buy the DVD afterwords, sorry you had to lose money WWE for not making this match happen.

    • Idolizer

      Look, how many times do we have to see HHH in wrestling capacity? He never really did anything GREAT – he was good but that’s about it. Austin- another few-move wrestler that I really don’t care to see in the ring anymore… Would like to see a Daniel Bryan-Chris Benoit match, but I also know that won’t ever happen for obvious reasons.

      • Phantom90

        Sounds like you’re a fan of pure wrestling and not pro wrestling, Im just a fan of WWE and have been watching since the Attitude Era and I would like to see my favorite wrestlers go at it not because of their moves or lack of but because they were entertaining to watch and have put excellent matches in the past.