Backstage News on Punk-Bryan vs. Wyatts, More on Survivor Series


– WWE officials want the Survivor Series pay-per-view to feel like a big event once again.

Big Show vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title or Show vs. Triple H in singles action will likely take place at this year’s event. At one point, Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H was being discussed for Survivor Series but that’s no more.

– Regarding the CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family feud that was set up on RAW last night, it’s described as not a burial of Bryan or Punk but Bryan is indeed out of the WWE Title picture, at least for now. The feud is being done to elevate Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family.

A four-on-four match is being planned for Survivor Series with The Wyatt Family and one other Superstar vs. Punk, Bryan and two other Superstars.

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  1. This is retarded – can we get ONE PPV that doesn’t feel like another episode of weekly tv? Good lord – they have the main event already WITHOUT making singles matches. DON’T put the title on the line… Team YES (Team Captains Daniel Bryan & Big Show w/ Cody Rhodes, Goldust & ?) vs Team Corporate (Team Captains Triple H & Randy Orton w/ The Shield)…

  2. This is why WWE sucks so damn hard now, Bryan works his ass off for that damn company, get’s screwed over and over and now he has to carry the Wyatt Family with an injured CM Punk, WTF is going on there, Big Show might be a great athlete but we all know he has too many limitations to be giving him the WWE title of even having him in the title scene right now. Instead of having Big Show help Bryan on Sunday you have him waste his time doing nothing every week. And what happened to the whole “Bryan is to be the next Stone Cold” thing, is it over and he’s back to being the laughing stock of the WWE again. Poor booking and incompetent management, that’s WWE today.

  3. WWE is waiting to see what happens for Wrestle Mania Season . Things will depend on The Rock , Hogan , Sting and Undertaker . Bryan might get his Run starting at Wrestlemania

    • you know Sting sign a new deal with TNA, and chances are Hogan might end up buying the company with Bichoff, also it’s been confirmed that Taker will face Lesnar at mania, and well let’s face it, The Rock had his last run in WWE and now he is back to being Hollywood.

  4. The Kane storyline with the Wyatt’s is stupid. Now there going to the good for business crap again. I expected seeing Kane return looking completely different and just turning into a machine again. Damn did they destroy Kane’s gimmick. They turned Kane from the Big Red Monster into a Tickle Me Elmo.


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