Backstage News on Randy Orton’s Next Feud

This Sunday at the WWE Battleground pay-per-view, Daniel Bryan will face Randy Orton for the vacant WWE Championship. It appears likely that at least one more match between the two will take place as some within the company believe the Battleground finish will lead to a bout at Hell in the Cell on Oct. 27.

Regardless of the final outcome, current creative plans call for Big Show to return to the main event scene in a feud with “The Viper” in November and December.

EXCLUSIVE: WWE Battleground Predictions….

  • Bryan cast aside 🙁 *shakes head*

    • Brian

      not sure if cast aside is the correct wording. Let’s face it Bryan and Orton has not been a big angle. Now the problem is who is there in the WWE that would be a big draw???

      They really have not been able to find or create a ROCK/Austin/ CENA/ HHH type wrestler.

      The closest they came was Edge and he got hurt. i think that is the major problem with wrestling too many of the moves are getting wrestlers hurt and cutting short their careers.

      CENA is not long for the sport. Punk keeps getting injured/burnt out/ Undertaker is yesterdays wrestler.

      Who really is there that is a star in the true sense of the word and is active on a full time basis.