Backstage News on Royal Rumble Returns, WWE Facing Major Competition


– It’s no secret that WWE is facing major ratings competition as the NFL’s Monday Night Football returns this coming week. At this past Monday’s RAW, a lot of people were asking why WWE didn’t book a major angle to set up a mega-match on Monday’s RAW to go against the NFL. Nobody had an answer.

– As of this past week, the plan is for both John Cena and Sheamus to be surprise returns at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view in January. One WWE source said with both of them returning on the same night, it seems doubtful that another big surprise like Jake “The Snake” Roberts would be factored into the 30-man match.

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  1. The royal rumble match is a joke. Out of the 30 wrestlers, you know which two or three will be left at the end. You know the “not so popular” ones will be eliminated first.

  2. WWE will, no doubt, screw up and give Cena the win in the Royal Rumble match…again. Then, he’ll quickly become WWE champion….again.

    • Nope. Bad for business. Evidently you don’t understand business too well. But then again, that’s why you don’t work for WWE.

      • How is it bad for business if your number one money maker is the focus/face of the company? You clearly don’t understand basic marketing.

        • I actually have to explain this to you? Look, Daniel Bryan is on FIRE right now. The WWE Universe is DESPERATE for a new face of the company. And it SHOULD be Daniel Bryan.

          • But WE don’t decide that. Vince McMahon does, and he’s on Cena’s bandwagon. Just watch…

  3. I also see Cena winng the Rumble again and win the title again. They only turned Orton cause Cena got hurt again, so when Cena gets back he”ll be top dog again….. I’m aware I said again 4 times

  4. This is just my opinion…But I see Taker being the one that comes back and puts the kibosh on HHH’s ill fated attempt to be Vince of 97-99. And I hope Cena returns and tears a bicep throwing up the Triple threat sign..pffft Franchise my Arse

      • that made no sense…what’s your argument to something I started with ” This is just my opinion ” ??? Opinions are neither right nor wrong….and to further answer your question, I don’t think I can do a better job than the professionals that do it, I do however believe that , if given the chance anybody can pitch a good storyline. ….Your rebuttal…erm? Douchebag you say?

  5. This is some BS, nobody wants to see Cena or Sheamus, make Rumble surprise returns be legends and former WWE stars. Gosh 2014 is gonna suck even more for WWE.


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